Makes Art More Affordable and Accessible for Young Artists and Collectors

Buying and collecting art has always been a privilege for the few, as art can cost a pretty penny. But Ivan Del Rosario had the vision to make art collecting more accessible and affordable for everyone. Hence, the art enthusiast and entrepreneur established The platform presents buyers and art collectors with a masterfully curated collection of pieces fit for galleries or home displays. The company’s mission is to inspire young artists to start their careers in the art industry by helping them build an audience and showcase their works to the right people. 

Established in December of 2019, was established when its founder and CEO, Ivan Del Rosario, was only 17 years old. aims to make art more affordable to collectors while simultaneously amplifying what teens have to go through in life through its masterpieces. The art pieces tell the stories of young love, going through love, or simply the beauty, pain, and various experiences of everyday life. The company dropped its first-ever project upon its launching, called Wonderland 2002. After two meaningful and fruitful years, dropped its second project very soon, and it is already stirring excitement among its audiences.

“One of the things that make different is that we treat all of our customers with equality. We make sure our customers get what they want at the finest we can do,” shared the founder. “What separates from other companies is that we are our own category. Another thing that separates us is the way we treat our customers. We make sure that all of their needs are completed. If they want a fully customized art, then we will make it happen,” Ivan added further. goes above and beyond to provide clients with the art they dream of collecting and owning.

Asked what motivated him to start, Ivan Del Rosario shared that he always envisioned building something of his own as an entrepreneur. As someone who started his journey as a teenager, it may seem impossible for some. But the young CEO proved that nothing is impossible for one who dreams. When he turned 17, he turned his dream into reality. He was able to pilot his own jet and not only survived by excelling through the turbulence. He became unstoppable in pushing his mission to make art affordable and showcase what teenagers like himself go through every day.

In five years, Ivan Del Rosario sees as a bigger success than it is today. In terms of personal goals, the entrepreneur shared that he is open to whatever life may bring on his plate. “Life is very unpredictable. One of the few lessons I learned in the past two years is that people can make forecasts of you or something. However, in the end, those predictions don’t always have to be the truth. There is always that one factor that can change it, so therefore I don’t want to know what I would be doing in five years. I just want to appreciate today and make every day worth it and enjoy life,” he said.