Seasoned L.A. Musician and Songwriter Kathleen Palma Farless Shares Her True Inspiring Story

Kathleen Palma Farless is a seasoned musician and a very successful songwriter from Manila, Philippines, who has now called Los Angeles home for over twenty-two years. Also, a registered nurse, a frontliner during the past surge, and still navigating her way during this pandemic, the LA-based independent singer-songwriter is a stronger person, a more relatable individual who cherishes life more than ever. 

The Filipino-American artist embraces her vulnerability as a creative artist. Kathleen Farless is uninhibited as she comes back to music this year. Her latest single, “Just a Friend,” was released last January and did not disappoint. Now, her fans are waiting for her upcoming EP.

Voyage LA Magazine has featured the trailblazer as one of the most inspiring stories in Los Angeles. Kathleen has been described as gifted with “powerful, sweet vocals at once tender, yet inspiringly confident.” More than a musician, producer, creative director, and healthcare provider, some of her credits include being a special guest performer for Miss Philippines USA and getting interviewed by news presenter Cher Calvin of KTLA. She also got a feature as a nurse and singer-songwriter in the Ad Campaign for Careisma Scrubs by Sofia Vergara. Another featured and interviewed by a respected Journalist: Jannelle So-Perkins for SoJannelle TV, promoting her powerful single “Who I Am” in 2019.

In 2020, she was part of a PSA Commercial Campaign for Essential Workers as a nurse. Last year in October, she booked a commercial as an actor and model with NDA for Asian Market. Recently landed on the cover for PUMP Magazine Editor’s Choice Artist Edition, where she graced her fashion style as a musical artist. 

The archetypal “hard-working woman” performer, Kathleen truly puts the “independent” in independent artist. Finally, they have seen a real, honest and bold artist who has found her voice, mastered it and, happily for everyone, she shared it with the world.

“Not everyone knows that I am a registered nurse,” Recalls Farless. “I think only a few people really understand the duties involved in the nursing profession, especially in the intensive care setting. Also, the mental and physical stress the healthcare professionals endured during the lockdown and the first wave of the COVID-19 surge is beyond imaginable. Still, we were all resilient, and I believe most of us have almost recovered since the COVID-19 cases in the hospital are steadily going down for now.”


The devastating effect of the pandemic left her crippled in the beginning. She got deprived of her routines in music, her collaboration with other musicians and her interactions with her fans and her friends went away. She remained optimistic, though, the attitude she always has in her. “I did enormous self-care, pulled myself back up again. But, that being said, my love and passion for music is truly validated on a higher level, that unique characteristic, that voice inside of me dictating to connect with all kinds of people through music genuinely and other creative endeavors, just became deeper”, adds the brilliant singer and songwriter.

She wants to be the catalyst of bringing people together through music and hopefully promote positivity in their lives. What separates Kathleen Palma Farless from other artists is her perseverance and diligence. 

Sharing her  true story, as a nurse and as an artist is very inspiring.  She is living proof that it’s possible to do both. “I hope after they read this article they feel inspired and hopefully empowered to do what they love to do in life. Despite the negativity around this pandemic that destroyed many lives in the past, I hope we could all have the courage to turn around this adversity by staying strong, connected and choosing to be kinder to one another as we all move on.”

The process may be challenging,  but Farless has shown the right attitude,  that she’s more than willing to put in the necessary effort to work her way up  reaching more success  in the creative world, particularly in music.