Rider, Bling, and Born2Dress – The Perfect Equation for Polo Season

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Born2Dress, Wellington’s premier fashion boutique, is ready to kick off the WEF and Polo seasons with a bang! At the heart of an equestrian town, the store is brimming with excitement as high-profile riders such as the Bloombergs, Gates, Jobs, and many more come to town. The store is located in the perfect spot for those looking for a fashionable and stylish experience during the winter months.

This season, Born2Dress is stocked to the gills with gorgeous garbs, including show-stopping dresses perfect for Polo parties. With curation from a dream team of designers from the sizzling cities of LA, Bali, and NYC, clients are guaranteed to turn heads and leave a lasting impression as they walk through the doors.

“At Born2Dress, you can express yourself without definition,” says founder Sophia Bornschein, who founded the boutique because of her observations of a gap in the fashion market in Wellington. She further added she wanted to “set ourselves apart with kindness and warmth.”  The store is a true testament to this, as they offer a range of styles suitable for dressing up and dressing down, making every day a chance to feel beautiful.

In line with the company’s mission, Born2Dress is always striving to meet the needs of its customers. The store promises a warm and inviting shopping experience, treating its customers like family to make their fashion journey a collaborative one. From the moment customers step into the boutique to the moment they leave, they will be met with impeccable customer service and styling by its talented and professional staff, who are experts in the latest trends in fashion.

With Born2Dress’s stunning collection of exquisite fits by designers and styles from all over the world, each client is sure to find the perfect look for them. So make your WEF and Polo season a fashionable one; step into Born2Dress and express yourself without definition.

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