Rae Serbeck Releases First Humanitarian Book 5 Published Thoughts of a Man in the Year 2020

2020 is definitely a memorable year for everyone, and rising author Rae Serbeck has had his own share of ups and downs during one of the longest years people have ever experienced. Proudly releasing his first book, 5 Published Thoughts of a Man in the Year 2020, a piece that contains a collection of five of the author’s published works, Rae Serbeck aims to inject positivity into the world.

5 Published Thoughts of a Man in the Year 2020 contains all five of the author’s published humanitarian thoughts on the ELIXIR by ROYEL. The magazine is read by millions across the United States.

“I have received thank you emails from many of the young and older readers of my pieces on drug addiction, racism, abuse, bullying, and my thoughts on love. I never knew my words would touch so many people in a positive way, but since it has, I’ve seen many people continue the spread of positivity, love, and forgiveness,” shared Rae Serbeck.

The author’s works have been received warmly by readers across the country, and 5 Published Thoughts of a Man in the Year 2020 is the cherry on top of his success. Rae Serbeck doesn’t push people to live a particular philosophy or push them to question their own ideas. Instead, he allows his words to flow freely and presents his own perspective about a plethora of topics, allowing his readers to come to their own conclusion. 

Asked what motivated him to compile his greatest works to date in one book, Rae Serbeck shared that 5 Published Thoughts of a Man in the Year 2020 was created to reach the younger generation and open conversations to combat social issues without adding more fuel to the flame. The world is divided by ideologies and systemic differences today, and it is getting harder to unite people. The author hopes that his book will be a start of a positive change and ignite unity among its readers by openly sharing his thoughts on various issues.

In five years, Rae Serbeck sees himself publishing more books that amplify kindness and inspire people to do good. “Today, I have written my first book, 5 Published Thoughts of a Man in the Year 2020. Now, I’m onto the next steps of being an author. I am currently writing my next book, which is beastly different from my first book. Five years from now, I plan to be a full-time writer with many loved books that will be thought of with many good feelings,” the author said. 

Before finding his way as an author, Rae Serbeck led a meaningful career in modeling and the entertainment industry. He started his career in 2017 and has worked with renowned models for international brands. He is also a film and voice actor, and recently built his clothing company called Witness Me Clothing Co. 

Rae Serbeck hit his big break as a model in 2020 after being published in Inspired Magazine, where he eventually graced the cover a month later. In May of 2020, his work was published for the first time in the humanitarian international magazine ELIXIR by ROYEL. He wrote about the rampant bullying in today’s society, racism, drug addiction, and many other eye-opening topics. To date, the author has been a model and cover model for 25 international magazines

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