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PR’s With No Ego’s Actor’s Spotlight:

Tyerise Foreman is a 43-year-old actor who has been acting for close to 15 years. He was inspired to act by Sidney Poitier’s character in the movie “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” where the legend gave a captivating performance that intrigued a young Tyerise. Currently under the tutelage of Nakia Dillard of Aikan Acts, Tyerise says Nakia is the epitome of greatness. His introduction to the world of acting was back in 2004 where he felt strange and excited but in a good way. With always questioning how films and commercials were done he definitely got those questions answered his first day on the job. Mr. Foreman’s favorite actor and actress happens to be Denzel Washington and Viola Davis, respectively. He eventually wants to be featured with both actors in a film so he can learn from the best on how to prepare for a role. 

@Prswithnoegos asked him, if he had his own TV sitcom,  what would he call it and who would play his mom and dad? He said it would be called “The Foreman Family” and the champ George Foreman would play his dad and Phylicia Rashad would play his mother. 

Fast forward ten years into the future, he sees himself being one of the best actors in his field with a consistent flow of putting in the hard work that’s necessary to be considered great. When studying for a role, he buries himself into the character by reading the script over & over again. His advice for others getting into the field of acting is to put the work in and pay very close attention to detail. Also he stressed to never stop learning the craft because there’s always someone ready to take your spot. 

When asked about what mark he wants to leave in the film and TV industry, Tyerise says, “I want to be remembered like the legends such as Sidney, Denzel, and Samuel. I also want to be known as a great person to work with also transitioning from an actor to a director.” 

Remember the name Tyerise Foreman because he will be a legend in his own right! To follow Tyerise on his journey go to his Instagram & Twitter pages.

PR’s With No Ego’s Casting Alert:

Newly graduated actor Deondre Castello is making major moves to help his career take flight. After his graduation from Aikan Acts, he started working with @prswithnoegos casting dept. in conjunction with Aikanacts and landed his first lead role in @nequasia’s music video “Broken” under the guidance of @nextsoundstudio, directed by @sirbryon718, edited by Jason Valentin and produced by iamlegendbeats. A song based on a true story, Nequasia takes you through a journey of pain due to a cheating boyfriend from a past relationship. Deondre’s character is the cheating boyfriend. On set, he steps into character without any hitches or hiccups. It’s looking good for Deondre and his new career, and we can only imagine what’s coming up next. He’s extremely grateful for this first booking but can’t wait for his next casting. @aikanacts and @prswithnoegos plan to keep Mr. Castello very busy. 

For all interested in booking Deondre Castello, please email his representative Shakez at Follow his journey go to his Instagram page @richiee_pablo.

PR’s With No Ego’s Book Review    

The “Cash Money Brothers”. Gerald “G Money” talks with PR’s With No Ego’s / @Shakezdaghetto 

Gerald “G Money” decided to tell the true story of CMB around the early 2000s but it has been legend since the 1980s. The transition from being the masters of ceremonies at the Apollo to street legend G Money was definitely a double life he wanted to win on both sides of the spectrum. Most importantly, he wanted to stay under the radar of those who did not need to know. 

Harlem is different from any other place for hustlers. Harlem hustlers were deep rooted from all parts of the world able to interact with a certain code of respect. There was more of a class and style here opposed to other black communities. The difference between now and then is there was more loyalty and less snitching. We were gentlemen. 

My advice to give to those who idolize the ‘G Money’ from the movie is, this isn’t the road you will arrive at safely. I thank God for redemption, and through GOD’s Grace, I am still alive to tell my story. I had no idea that my lifestyle would have such an impact on the culture, not to mention the struggle and the exportation of the crack epidemic. The harm I inflicted on the masses that were influenced by my lack of knowledge is one of two things I wish I could change. The other is wishing I pursued a comedy career instead. It would have been amazing to see the CMB brothers and sisters in different career paths. 

I wrote the book because I felt it was time to tell the truth about my story, not the fictitious tale about 2 NYC drug lords who took over the streets of Harlem. On the contrary, I had influential people in my life like James Brown, who was my idol as a child, George Kirby, Rich Little, but most of all my father, who was the first black Deputy Chief of NYC Fire Department. I had no interest in the movie when it came out or how it would impact the film industry. I learned from my own experiences that crime doesn’t pay, and nothing has changed; it’s just new players traveling down the wrong road. Thank God I found a better way, and today I serve a merciful GOD. 

Two things dear to me is to create real change for the enhancement of a greater societal effect and positive influences on our current and future generations to come. The second is to erase the image that Hollywood promotes, which is drugs and crime that plague our film industry. My current projects pertaining to CMB are “The Children of Harlem 2541” in which several CMB characters that are alive will also be featured in the story as well as the series in TV and cartoon formats. My film company will portray us as Fortune 500 CEOs who can run the world of business, not just the streets. 

I’m deeply devoted to the ministry and spreading the gospel, which gives my life joy as it should others. I’m open to speaking engagements, motivational speaking events, and any event where there’s a chance to speak with our youth of today. 

To purchase a autographed copy directly from me Cashapp: $Marjerlkeith or visit my website:

This Article Is dedicated to Irma McDougal & DJ Kay Slay, Rest In Peace To You Both! This Entire Play Was Put Together By: @prswithnoegos 

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