Kidd Keo: The Popular Trap Artist Drops “Living Like Drifting,” Another Hit from His upcoming EP

In music, there are no limits and a good musician knows this  and keeps innovating until his style catches on and becomes the rage. That is when a star is born. Trap, which was originally created in the late nineties, has now become mainstream with artists experimenting and mixing the genre with traditional and modern music. Kidd Keo is one such star known for creating a buzz with his trap music. Kidd Keo just released his latest song September 27th, “Living Like Drifting,” which is part of his EP “Rockport Espacial 2.”

There are many amazing artists in Trap Music but there’s no one like Kidd Keo, the Spanish trap artist and musician has earned him a dedicated fan base who love to see and listen to what he creates everytime he  releases something. A great mix of courage and talent, Kidd Keo has earned quite a lot of fame and recognition in his domain and he believes that in upcoming years, more and more people will listen to his music.

Kidd Keo’s songs already have more than a billion views on YouTube, which has earned him more than 4 million subscribers and growing. His love for the culture bleeds into his artistry creating a sound that is distinct from everyone else in the trap scene. This is the reason why Kidd Keo has been a force among the Spanish trap artists and is listened to by so many. Many in the industry consider his talent to be rare and believe that soon, his songs will be heard playing on the city streets.

Kidd Keo told us that when it comes to music you also have to have a sense of what people would like and what they will consider too innovative to vibe with. With a whopping 3 million followers on instagram and 4 million monthly listeners on spotify, it’s quite evident that people love his songs and after listening to the song of his latest EP, “Living Like Drifting.” We are excited for him.

You can follow Kidd Keo here on his Instagram. Watch his new video on YouTube.