Journalist Kyle Stevens Brings New Energy to the Queens Gazette Newspaper

There’s a new figure within the Queens Gazette that readers cannot seem to get enough of—entertainment journalist Kyle Stevens. Ever since he joined the newspaper on October 21, 2021, readers can’t help but notice his topical local news stories and awe-inspiring photos. They especially took notice of his exceptional work when he covered New York Comic Con last year, where he had an exclusive interview with legendary All Elite Wrestling (AEW) broadcast announcer Tony Schiavone. 

“Being a born and raised New Yorker, I feel that it is my mission to tell the stories that are important to the community,” said Stevens. “There is something powerful and downright nostalgic about delivering quality articles through a physical newspaper with so much history behind it. It’s an honor and privilege to write stories and take photographs for the Queens Gazette.”

Kyle Stevens brings over a decade of experience and knowledge to the entertainment industry. Since joining the Queens Gazette, the newspaper with over 40 years of dedicated coverage, he has written about the closure of several Rite Aids, the Power Book II: Ghost red carpet premiere, and the effects of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. He has also excelled as an executive digital media producer, creating extraordinary concepts for a variety of different corporations and start-ups. He also penned features on popular celebrities, including Nick Cannon, Steve Aoki, Michael Bublé, Lights, Kathryn Hahn, Sasha Banks, Alesso, and Stevie Nicks.

Among his current objectives after joining the Queens Gazette is to cover the stories that make readers smile, including the sights and sounds of music festivals that are slowly making a comeback as New York City opens itself up to more big events. “Queens has a special place in my heart. It’s my job to put a spotlight on a borough where cool things are happening,” said the entertainment journalist.

Kyle Stevens has been in the industry long enough to know that the competition can get incredibly fierce. Through all of the twists and turns, he has not sacrificed his integrity and authenticity. His quick turnaround time and proficiency in clearly communicating with sources makes him a leader in the newsroom. “I don’t lose my cool. I do it all with a nod and a smile. I also remember to say ‘thank you’ no matter what happens. I keep it positive,” Stevens laughed.

Over the years, he has become a dependable figure in the entertainment and news industries, someone who tells a story as it ought to be told. His reliability and dedication as a journalist have inspired people to entrust him with some of the biggest stories in showbiz. When it comes to well grounded reporting, sources always think of Stevens’ name, a privilege that not all entertainment reporters get to enjoy. 

In his own unassuming way, Kyle Stevens has always managed to stand out without trying. His lovable charm, smooth voice, dynamic on-camera presence, and natural charisma have drawn people to him, even the A-list stars in the entertainment industry. The big names in the business enjoy having heartfelt interviews with him because of his sincerity to tell their unique stories. In fact, Stevens recently became a star himself when he appeared in global commercial campaigns for Pepsi and Zenni Optical. Despite his current success, he has remained levelheaded, knowing that popularity is passing. What matters most to Stevens is the legacy he creates with the stories he tells.

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