Hitta Castro & Sky Rose Showcasing the Beauty of Love as They Build a Life Together

Love is a beautiful thing, and people falling in love in the entertainment scene has been happening for decades. Hollywood is rife with enough love stories to make a book, and a new love story is blooming right before the world between rapper Hitter Castro and aspiring model Sky Rose.

The lovebirds are known for using every opportunity to declare love for each other and are now ready to build things together while supporting each other’s careers. They already create content on TikTok together and have built up quite a following. Their next plan is to create a YouTube channel together to further put their love on display and showcase another side of them outside their primary careers.

Hitta Castro is a rapper steadily climbing the ladder in the music industry and has worked with notable names like Waka Flocka Flame, Cuban Link, Snow Tha Product, Skinnyfromthe9, China Mac and Twisted Insane. He has almost a million followers on Instagram and has established himself as an entertainer, motivational speaker and someone passionate about doing inspiring stuff. His girlfriend, Sky Rose, is an aspiring model who currently works as a nurse. She also does a little bit of music and is passionate about building her modeling career while writing an adorable love story with Hitta Castro.

Hitta Castro and Sky Love’s primary motivation for making their love life public is to show the world a different side to them as entertainment personalities, especially as they are still on their way to the top. They want to prove to the world that it is possible to be in love and pursue one’s dreams relentlessly. Their goal is to inspire young people and show the beauty of being in love with the right person and chasing dreams together. “When you look at Hov and Beyonce, you see two people doing big things in both their careers and winning independently while together. It’s admirable, and we hope to achieve the same. We are very ambitious with big goals, and we hope with the world’s support we can achieve them all,” Hitta Castro said.

While Hitta Castro has a daughter he loves so much, his relationship with Sky Rose has helped him blossom into a better man personally and career-wise. He made his debut in the entertainment scene with his first mixtape, Blow Out Ya Speakers Vol 1, in 2009. He then appeared on BET’s 106 & Park and released videos of some of his songs on his YouTube channel. After his first mixtape, he has released other projects like the mixtape Beasts On The Beats in 2011 and I am S.A.M in 2013. He has also featured in the movie “Change of Plans God’s Way’s” in 2015 and released another album, I Will P.U.S.H (Proceed Until Something Happens in 2016.

While his relationship with Sky Rose continues to grow, he’s optimistic that that can both build something admirable and truly inspiring as a young couple in love.