Evan The Card Guy: Today’s Biggest Magic Sensation on Social Media

Not often can anyone ever claim to be one of the most significant social media sensations of a particular category. But for Evan Alberto, aka Evan The Card Guy, to make such a claim would be right on the money. With over 18 million followers all over his social media accounts today, he has grown to be one of the most viewed and followed content creator magicians today.

Evan first started diving into magic at the age of twelve after getting grounded from video games and had to find other things to do. But what began as a pastime to get by would quickly become his greatest passion in life. A year after starting in magic, he joined The Magic Castle in Hollywood, becoming the youngest ever to join the program. 

Fast forward to his days in college, Evan would get a part-time job as a janitor also while studying to get a degree. That would all change in 2019 after his TikTok videos went viral and took him on a whole new trajectory in life. After two years of mastering his craft, learning how to create engaging content, and growing his social channels, Evan is now a professional magician and content creator with massive followings on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. He posts all kinds of highly entertaining videos like magic tricks performed in the streets and influential personalities. Evan also creates other forms of videos from time to time, like challenges, vlog stories, and other fun-to-watch videos. 

Evan Alberto’s largest social platform to date has to be his TikTok account, where he now has over 16.3 million followers. His Instagram also has a following in the millions range with approximately 1.6 million followers to date. On YouTube, where he posts vlogs regularly, his videos have collected over 14 million views and over half a million subscribers and still growing.

Most recently, Evan The Card Guy also launched a podcast entitled “It’s Tricky” and now has three live episodes. The podcast hopes to provide more entertainment to people on social and digital channels by bringing some of the internet’s most celebrities and influencers on the show to compete in fair games and talk about anything under the sun in between.

Evan has come a long way since his early beginnings as a magician and content creator. Since his rise to TikTok and internet fame, the influencer has left his janitorial job and dropped out of college to create online content full-time. More than finding fame and success, Evan has found a calling in what he does. What brings him the most joy is delivering entertainment to people everywhere. He hopes to continue growing his influence and becoming this generation’s most celebrated magician.

Beyond just creating content, Evan The Card Guy is a man who seeks to make an impact on others. He posts content of him giving away cash, gifts, and prizes to people he gives dare and challenges.

In the next five years, Evan hopes to reach the levels of magicians like David Blaine and solidify his place amongst the greats while also bringing people happiness and awestruck wonder through the things he does best. 

Learn more about Evan Alberto, otherwise known as Evan The Card Guy, by visiting his TikTok and Instagram accounts.