Delia Studio and Anamaria Bozga Promotion Pole Dancing Across Rosenheim

Not too often, an individual breaks through the mold and starts something that’s never been done before in a locality. Such is the case with Anamaria Bozga, who became the first-ever to introduce pole dancing lessons to Rosenheim in Germany with the opening of Delia Studio. Now, she looks to promote the form of dance across the city and nation. 

Anamaria isn’t your typical dance instructor. Apart from taking an early adaptor stance into the pole dancing sphere in Southern Germany, she’s also highly driven as a passion-chaser and entrepreneur. Coming from a very humble background, the dancer would rise to the plate and take control of her own fate. Today, she enjoys the full benefits of her hard work. 

Growing up, Anamaria didn’t have a lot to lift her. Her family, though loving and supportive, came from a middle-class background. In college, Anamarie took up Tourism in Romania, hoping to work in a travel agency one day. However, since making ends meet wasn’t always easy for her parents, she started working in nail design and shoe sales. Later after graduating at the age of twenty-one, she started working in restaurants as a waitress and bartender. While working in Italy, she chanced upon pole dancing and fell in love with the sport. 

Anamarie dedicated her time and energy to perfecting her pole dancing technique, reaching mastery in record time. Soon, she would start teaching classes and opened up her own studio and called it Delia Studio. In the beginning, she maintained a day job while running the studio on off days and hours. Eventually, though, the studio would skyrocket in success and come to a level where she could now do it full-time. Delia Studio now offers classes, training programs, and stag parties to people from all walks of life. Through pole dancing, Anamarie also promotes more excellent fitness as pole dancing is also a great way to stay in shape.

Now, Anamarie Bozga is not just a world-class pole dancer. She’s also a successful business owner. Later, she would also create the Pole Planner, a creative diary-type journal meant specifically for pole dancers and pole dance enthusiasts. The product sports a sleek design that caters to the highly creative and driven and pushes a culture of productivity across the pole dancing community. 

Part of Bozga’s success also comes from her tremendous success on social media. She currently has over 22,000 followers on Instagram and another 20,000 subscribers on YouTube. In total, her videos have now gathered over 3 million views and are still growing. She hopes to continue creating content that would mesmerize dance lovers and teach pole dance enthusiasts the basics of pole dancing. 

Anamarie Bozga is a living testament to the power of passion and hard work. She hopes her story will inspire others to pursue their dreams and aim high. Despite accomplishing so much, she still has a lot she wants to do. And given her unrelenting work ethic and natural talent, there’s no stopping her from going further.

To check out Delia Studio and Anamaria Bozga’s performances, visit her YouTube channel, Instagram profile, and website.

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