Dejah Monae’ on Becoming the Voice of the Unheard Through her Story of Survival and Success

It has long been established that music serves as a powerful tool that artists capitalize on to drive change, inspire action, and impact lives. Music, inarguably, does not only stand as background noise to one’s most memorable moments, but it has also shed light on issues, addressed certain subject matters, and provided solace for those who have struggled throughout their lifetimes. In the case of Dejah Monae’, a gifted singer and rising star in the music scene, she considers her talents as a platform where listeners can become motivated in unleashing their potential and going beyond. Amid life’s most dreadful adversities, Dejah sends across powerful messages of hope to aspirants across the globe.

Dejah Monae’ is a singer, model, and entrepreneur. She is widely recognized for her distinctive voice, unparalleled talents, and impressive discography, which have led her to earn acclaim across a highly competitive industry. But behind her successful milestones lies a tale of trials that have not only allowed her to strengthen herself but also enabled her to inspire others throughout her journey.

Born in Washington, DC and later raised in Landover, Maryland, Dejah Monae’ is intimately privy to the challenges that come with making a name for oneself across a wide variety of industries. At an early age, this self-starter was aware of what hard work looked like, having worked as a daycare worker for Little Fingers at the age of 12. Dejah also worked in and out of different salons so that she could earn more money for her family. When she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, she worked as a hookah girl while juggling jobs in various salons and malls.

Although Dejah Monae’ had her fair share of trials and tribulations growing up, she found comfort in music by singing for the Church and playing in musical bands. Realizing the impact of songs during the unfortunate moments in her life, Dejah decided to take matters into her own hands and use her voice to change her circumstances and those around her. Years down the road, she took a big leap of faith and landed a distribution deal with Stachehaus, better known as Sony Orchard.

Currently, Dejah Monae’ is making waves for her passion-driven and distinctive approach to music. She ultimately writes and sings whatever makes her feel good while considering the messages she sends in every song released around the globe. Dejah recently released her single “Sex’d Up” last October 2020.

Being more than a singer who is currently carving a path towards the industry’s summits, Dejah Monae’ remains committed to her countless advocacies throughout her career as a singer and entrepreneur. With her passion for being an inspirational figure and addressing certain social issues across the world, Dejah Monae’ steps up to become a voice of the unheard, especially for those who have struggled in life and those who have suffered domestic violence throughout the years. Through her initiatives, she hopes to light a path for those who feel lost and afraid.

Aside from standing at the forefront of the music realm, she is also reaching impressive heights across the entrepreneurial arena through her healing oils. These 100% natural and handmade oils are dedicated to strengthening Dejah’s purpose, materializing her vision one bottle at a time.

In the coming years, Dejah Monae’ is scheduled to release several new projects. Through these creative moves, she is looking forward to taking center stage as a must-watch force within the industry. 

To know more about Dejah Monae’, you may visit her website. 


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