Deion Campbell’s King Legend Talks: Providing the Community With Much-Needed Inspiration and Motivation

At some point, everyone will go through difficulties and challenges regardless of their status or background. As it stands, adversity is a painful yet inescapable part of life. Cognizant of this, one incredible individual has devoted himself to providing people a glimmer of hope amidst trying times: Deion Campbell.

More popularly known as King Legend 757, the remarkable young man is a 5x award-winning podcast host, former celebrity photographer, and published author. He is the brilliant mind behind King Legend Talks LLC, a podcast that aims to motivate others to follow their dreams. 

Through the program, he interviews celebrities and influencers from all walks of life to show people that all successful people have to start somewhere. Several A-list celebrities have graced the show, such as rapper Fat Joe and NFL athlete Boston Scott. Even self-made entrepreneurs and authorities from various industries have become guests, like Dillon Kivo. He also interviewed Luenell, Micheal Blackson, Omar Gooding and Miguel Nunez Jr. 

Because of his impressive mission of inspiring the community, the young podcast host quickly made a huge name within only the first year of creating the program. As a testament to his unrivaled success, his show earned four podcast awards in 2021. These distinctions include Podcasts Awards: 2021 Best New Podcast, Best Overall Podcast, Best Talk Show Podcast, and Best Lifestyle Podcast.

On top of that, Deion Campbell was given the title of Best Podcast Host. Not only that but he was recently interviewed for the #IAMHamptonRoads in recognition for being one of the outstanding local natives who are making the city proud. 

However, aside from the esteemed individuals he interviews on his podcast, King Legend himself is an excellent source of inspiration. Most people do not know that he contracted COVID-19. But the genuine fighter exceptionally overcame this hurdle even after spending 12 days on a ventilator.

This firsthand experience of triumphing over a difficult situation is what encouraged the intuitive young man to start his podcast. During his recovery, he wanted to find a worthwhile project that would help him stay productive and, as such, decided to start a podcast.

As the host insightfully explained, “I want them to see the progress and feel the success after fighting through so much life-threatening pain. I want them to feel inspired like ‘if he can make it, so can I!'”

King Legend Talks has successfully established its reputation as an invaluable source of motivation, especially in these trying times. Moving forward, Deion Campbell or King Legend, plans to continue his advocacy and reach a wider audience so he can inspire more people to keep going.

All of the King Legend Talks interviews are done live on Instagram and subsequently uploaded on iHeartRadio to make the replay available to listeners all over the world. It is also available on numerous streaming platforms, including Spotify, Google Podcast, Anchor, and Apple Podcast. You can also find his podcast on YouTube at King Legend Talks.

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