Carlos Alberto Salazar Mateos: A Portrait of Versatility and Privacy in Entrepreneurship

Carlos Alberto Salazar Mateos: A Portrait of Versatility and Privacy in Entrepreneurship

By: Carlos Alberto Salazar Mateos

Carlos Alberto Salazar Mateos is a dynamic and resourceful entrepreneur from Caracas, Venezuela, born in Puerto La Cruz on March 24, 1986. With a rich cultural heritage rooted in his mother’s Mexican origins and her entrepreneurial spirit as the founder of a Mexican restaurant in Maracaibo, Carlos’s journey into the business world was almost predestined. At the age of 13, he moved to Maracaibo, where he later graduated from Rossini Catholic School, marking the beginning of an impressive career in entrepreneurship.

Carlos’s first foray into the business world was at his mother’s restaurant, Los Soles, where he played a crucial role in its operations. His entrepreneurial journey expanded when he and his brother founded Nuvo, the first wine and cigar bar in the area, followed by the establishment of Le Valet Parking. In 2011, Carlos ventured into a new field, founding Inversuss. This energy and oil supplies company showcased his versatility and innovative thinking. Recognizing opportunities beyond Venezuelan borders, he opened Los Soles Restaurant in Aruba in 2018 and La Market, a Maracaibo supermarket in 2019. The expansion of Inversuss Inc. to Miami in 2015 and its recent opening in Caracas are testaments to Carlos’s growth and success in the energy sector.

Carlos’s hobbies include golf, tennis, and kite surfing, activities that reflect his dynamic and adventurous spirit. He is recognized for his exceptional ability to provide solutions in logistics and procurement, specializing in the oil, gas, and energy industry. Despite his public success, Carlos values privacy for his family’s safety. He prefers not to link his personal life with his professional achievements, especially in the political sphere. His journey from helping at his mother’s restaurant to becoming a noted figure in the energy sector and beyond illustrates a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in the entrepreneurial world.

Q&A with Carlos Alberto Salazar Mateos

Can you share the inspiration behind founding your first business venture?

“The inspiration came from my mother, a passionate entrepreneur who introduced me to the business world through her Mexican restaurant in Maracaibo. Seeing her dedication and the joy she brought to people through her cuisine motivated me to create something of my own, leading to the establishment of Nuvo, the first wine and cigar bar in our area.”

What challenges did you face while establishing Inversuss, your energy and oil supplies company?

“The energy sector is complex and competitive, with challenges ranging from regulatory compliance to market volatility. Establishing Inversuss involved navigating these complexities, building reliable networks, and ensuring we could offer innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs efficiently. It was a steep learning curve, but perseverance and a solid team helped us overcome these hurdles.”

How do you balance your passion for sports with your busy entrepreneurial schedule?

“Balancing passions with professional responsibilities requires discipline and time management. I see sports like golf, tennis, and kite surfing not just as hobbies but as essential activities for my physical and mental well-being. I schedule them as I would any important business meeting, ensuring I maintain balance and remain energized for my entrepreneurial ventures.”

With your businesses spanning different industries and countries, how do you ensure each venture stays true to its core mission?

“It boils down to setting clear visions and missions from the outset and building a team that shares those values. Regular communication and setting benchmarks for performance and alignment with our core mission are crucial, regardless of the industry or country. It’s about maintaining a consistent standard of excellence and innovation across all ventures.”

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to enter the energy sector?

“The energy sector is evolving rapidly, with sustainability and innovation at its core. My advice would be to stay informed about the latest trends and technologies, understand the regulatory landscape, and identify how you can contribute to a more sustainable and efficient energy future. Networking and finding a mentor in the industry can also provide invaluable insights and guidance.”

Looking back, what would you say is your proudest achievement?

“While I am proud of the businesses I’ve built and the impact they’ve had, my proudest achievement is the team culture and sense of family we’ve created within our ventures. Knowing that we’re not just working to succeed but to support one another and contribute positively to our communities is incredibly rewarding.”

Finally, what’s next for Carlos Alberto Salazar Mateos? Any new ventures on the horizon?

“Innovation and growth remain my key focus areas. We’re exploring opportunities in renewable energy and looking at how we can leverage technology to enhance our existing operations and customer experiences. While I can’t divulge too much, I can say that there are exciting projects on the horizon that align with our commitment to excellence, innovation, and positive community impact.”

Key Takeaways

  • Diverse Entrepreneurial Ventures: Carlos’s entrepreneurial journey highlights the importance of diversification. From founding a wine and cigar bar to establishing a supermarket and venturing into the energy and oil supplies sector, Carlos demonstrates how embracing a variety of business ventures can lead to broader success and resilience in the face of changing market dynamics.
  • Family Influence and Cultural Heritage: The influence of family and cultural heritage plays a significant role in shaping Carlos’s entrepreneurial path. His early involvement in his mother’s Mexican restaurant not only provided him with initial business experience but also instilled a sense of dedication and a strong work ethic. This foundation has been a continuous thread through his various business endeavors, illustrating the impact of family values and heritage on professional ambition and success.
  • Privacy and Professionalism: Despite his success and public recognition, Carlos highly values privacy, especially concerning his family’s safety. This stance underscores the importance of separating personal life from professional achievements in the public eye, particularly in regions where such distinctions can be crucial for personal security. It also highlights Carlos’s approach to managing his public persona, focusing on his business accomplishments while shielding his private life from the limelight.


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