Beyond Gaming: How Micheal Reynolds, a.k.a. the Fierce Diva, Is Creating a Bright Future for the Industry and His Community

Are video games a waste of time?

When video games gained widespread popularity in the ’80s, parents, educators, politicians, and scholars all around deemed the hours spent playing in a virtual world harmful and unproductive. Unfortunately, this is a reputation that lives on today, 40 years down the road, despite gaming being a thriving industry, generating over $120 billion in revenue, with numbers poised to reach the $200 billion mark within the next two years.

The evolution of gaming also means it now covers a diverse range of subcategories that goes beyond consoles. For example, smartphone games now account for almost 50 percent of the money made in the industry–making gaming more accessible. And while it is common for new platforms to meet a bit of resistance from the public, the numbers behind gaming prove that it is not just a hobby made for consumption. In fact, if Michael Reynolds’ passion for gaming is anything to go by, it’s a serious artistic craft that creates opportunities and fuels the economy.

Reynolds, known as the Fierce Diva online, is one of the first Facebook Gaming Partners and is followed by a legion of individuals that tune in religiously to watch his live streams. During these sessions, he often plays the battle royale-style game Fortnite, proudly representing the  LGBTQ+ and African American community where he aims to use his platform to inspire a wave of change in mentality and acceptance.

He has made such a significant impact on social media that his efforts attracted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The latter invited Reynolds to the first public test and announcement for their new feature, Audio Rooms.

Audio Rooms puts the Fierce Diva alongside Andrew Bosworth (head of AR/VR and creator of Facebook Newsfeed), Fidji Simo (Director of Facebook App) and content creators StoneMountain64, and QueenEliminator, to discuss and share their insight on fostering meaningful relationships, building brands, expanding merchandise opportunities, and more. Facebook is more than a platform; not only is it becoming a main player in the gaming industry, but it wants to provide a purposeful and long-lasting impact for creators and followers.

Reynolds, specifically, was a testament to the kind of dedication online personalities can have towards achieving their dreams tied to real efforts to give back to the community. He works tirelessly to dispel longstanding preconceptions about gaming and successfully makes a name for himself in the industry. He simultaneously emphasizes the need to define safe spaces online for his viewers, a place where they are free to be themselves and express their opinions without judgment.

One of the more tangible ways he does this is through his efforts as a BetterHelp sponsor–the largest online counseling platform today. As a BetterHelp sponsor, Reynolds can demonstrate his unmatched dedication to his followers and shine a light on the importance of mental health issues, the need to raise awareness on the subject, and provide access to the right resources for help.

“This is something that I have been attempting to put in place for a long time, and I am so proud to announce that we are finally here. Mental health is one of the most important issues that I believe affect our industry—viewers and streamers alike. I want to take the successes we have obtained and use them for good. And to also show the world that video gaming is no longer a means to no end,” he shares.

Times are indeed changing, and Reynolds is one of the key voices in the gaming industry, proving that passion and vision can bring a new wave of positive change in this field.