LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts Provides Life-Changing Coaching to Children Through RBS Counseling & Educational Services, LLC

Children in today’s generation are exposed to different kinds of challenges that have the potential to affect them badly when not processed properly. From helping them understand the different emotions they feel to performing better in school and overcoming mental health issues, mental health counselor and kids’ life coach LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts is empowering them to be overcomers and achieve their fullest potentials through RBS Counseling & Educational Services, LLC, an organization that provides education and life coaching services to enhance academic success, life skills, and positive youth development. 

RBS Counseling & Educational Services offers an effective program that combines mental health services, educational services, and life coaching services for both children and families. One of its distinct features is utilizing the strengths that children possess to enhance their overall sessions in the program. Clients can look forward to fun and educational activities that connect education and life coaching. 

Clients are also given a choice as to how they wish to avail of the sessions. There are ongoing face-to-face sessions, but phone, virtual websites, and group sessions are also some of the options that they can choose from. As the organization is also inclined towards serving and impacting the community, it offers several programs to be able to give back, including back-to-school care events, mental health/wellness forums, reaching beyond self-workshops, educational workshops, and radio interviews about mental health advocacy.

RBS Counseling & Educational Services also specializes in helping children who struggle with focus, anxiety, stress, frustration, excitement, restlessness, and impatient behavior. LaDeidra uses fidget toys to help children increase their productivity academically and combat distractions.

Some of the important skills that LaDeidra teaches her clients include building self-esteem, self-motivation, managing emotions, anger management, social networking, internet safety, dealing with bullying, handling peer pressure, dealing with grief, and coping after a divorce, among others. 

LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts was inspired to develop RBS Counseling & Educational Services to preserve the legacy of her mother Richardean B. Stokes, who passed away in 2016. She had the heart of a true servant as she always helped people in her community. LaDeidra herself is very passionate about helping children and their families. She has a Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling/Marriage and Family Cognate degree from Liberty University. She finished her Master of Science in Human Services/ Social and Community Services from Capella University, which prompted her to establish her second venture, RBS Consulting & Training Services. Additionally, LaDeidra opted to be a Registered Mental Health Counselor intern for the state of Florida so she can enhance her skills. 

Seeing that there is a pressing need to provide strength-based interventions to help children, adults, couples, and families, LaDeidra Stokes-Roberts looks forward to expanding her ventures in other states across the country. She also aims to be able to provide professional development and training in public and private schools. By creating awareness for the kind of services she offers, she hopes to inspire others to turn their passion, talents, and interests into a business venture that can impact people and communities positively.