Dr. Robert J. Smith Produces Video Series on Influence and Persuasion

Dr. Robert J. Smith Produces Video Series on Influence and Persuasion
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By: Sidney Falco

As esteemed CEO of Smith Profits, Smith Comics, and Robert J. Smith Productions Companies, Dr. Robert J. Smith is a renowned expert in eliciting the essence of brands using factual storytelling. His proven philosophy, backed by extensive field experience, aims at maximizing sales through intricate strategies that are rooted in reality. As he traverses the country enlightening businesses about his potent and effective techniques, a recurrent query has been, “What changes can we make right away to gain the biggest impact?”

This query has allowed Dr. Smith to bring into the limelight the concept of “Small Bigs”, a coinage by the celebrated author of “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion,” Dr. Robert Cialdini. His universally applicable Principles of Influence and Persuasion have helped millions of readers across the globe to do business as effectively as possible. Smith’s understanding and application of “Small Bigs” have augmented his strategies and brought invaluable additional solutions to the table for businesses striving for progress.

To elucidate the potential of “Small Bigs” and how they can be seamlessly integrated into business models for instant enhancement, Dr. Smith has embarked on the production of a professional video series. This series will provide practical applications for immediate use of “Small Bigs” and how they are pivotal in amplifying Influence and Persuasion, thus, achieving business objectives. Smith has been able to raise millions of dollars for charities nationwide with effective use of these principles as well.

Small Bigs offer a trove of solutions spanning different sectors. They hold the key to rectifying common persuasion mistakes swiftly, inducing liking, unity, social proof, authority, scarcity, reciprocity, and achieving a 100% increase in reaching agreement through consistency. These proven principles increase online conversions, referrals, sales units, sales volume, revenues, and profits. “Small Bigs” also leverage the principle of unity for deepening client and staff loyalty and the principle of consistency for more result-oriented meetings.

The power of authority, used wisely, enables one to gain approvals for budget requests, increase conversions, and establish legitimacy in a product’s scarcity during its launch. This combined with the use of social proof can yield more upsells, induce agreement – even when you’re in the minority, and boost your charity’s donations as well. The use of consistency in team management enhances team efficacy and applying true scarcity can balloon sales by over 500%.

Both Dr. Cialdini and Dr. Smith bring to the table real examples of proven successes and provide strategies that professionals and companies can emulate for similar results. As Tim Ferriss aptly puts, “I think it is extremely important to understand human behavior or behavior modification before you focus on technology…You can spend a lot of time jumping from one tool to another without developing any core skill. So, I would really encourage people to study books like Influence by Robert Cialdini…so you get a fundamental set of principles that you can apply online, offline, to different tools, to direct copy, to complex sales in big organizations. That is number one.”

To instigate a transformation into a more prosperous enterprise, organizations should invest in understanding these insights. Dr. Smith not only offers these insights but proves success by providing exclusive consulting services aimed at increasing effectiveness.

Eager companies can delve into Dr. Smith’s expert insights through his websites, check out his impactful contributions on LinkedIn and other social media sites. Find out about his upcoming productions on IMDb and follow him on Twitter for his latest updates. Dr. Smith’s upcoming video series is not only a promising opportunity for businesses to soar but also a beacon that perpetuates the importance of understanding the fundamentals and how tweaking them sensitively can cause an enormous positive shift in their progress toward prosperity.

Dr. Smith provides additional insights on Dr. Cialdini’s “Small Bigs” as well as other business topics in his regular columns with Forbes as a member of the Forbes Business Council.


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