Yacht Hampton Dominates Hamptons Yachting Market, launches in South Florida and Palm Beach

With everything going on right now in the world, one of the best things people can do to cope is simply to have fun with family and friends. Yacht Hampton (formly Hamptons Boat Rental) is taking that experience to the next level, offering clients with a luxury yacht experience at some of the most exclusive and competitive luxury markets. Gaining massive success over the 2021 summer, the company now aims to expand its reach in all of South Florida, from Jupiter to Miami.

Yacht Hampton is expanding  to other  luxury markets, starting with South Florida,  serving its A-listers and prominent personalities. The club gained traction among boating enthusiasts for offering unparalleled, memorable experiences without requiring guests to worry about all the details. 

As Joe Ialacci, founder of Yacht Hampton explained, clients only have to choose a package that best suits their lifestyle and then look forward to an incredible seasonal yacht experience. “We’ll take you sightseeing, water skiing, or just cruising,” said Joe. “Or you can create a personal membership experience customized to accommodate your special summer calendar,” he added.

Yacht Hampton has served people from all walks of life for many occasions, including sunset cruises, corporate events, anniversaries, birthdays, bachelorette parties, weddings, and many other celebrations. 

“The huge spike in demand for powerboats and yachts of all sizes caused by the coronavirus pandemic has made it increasingly challenging for prospective owners to find the exact make and model boat or yacht they’re looking for. And the supply chain problem—also fueled by the pandemic—has only exacerbated the issue. Predictably, prices have gone up, and for those who do manage to find a boat that suits their needs, finding a slip at the marina of their choice is often the next hurdle,” explained Joe.

But, of course, this is not a problem for Yacht Hampton as the company has a fleet of over 11 luxury boats and yachts in its inventory, giving Joe and his team a competitive edge over others. The scarcity in supply in yachts because of the pandemic was one of the factors that drove Joe to build the company, but the CEO also emphasized that the club has been around even before the global crisis as Hamptons Boat Rental. Joe saw that people lacked that thrill after being indoors most of the time because of the pandemic and saw an opportunity to present them with new experiences without compromising their health and safety. 

Furthermore, powered by USCG licensed captains, Yacht Hampton indeed ensures the best and safety of their clients on board. In every excursion, Joe and his team strive to present a unique experience by taking guests to hidden locations in the waters of the Hamptons and now Jupiter, Palm Beach, Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Aventura, Miami and Key Biscayne. 

In addition, guests get access to luxury water toys found on the TV show Below Deck, including jet skis, hydrofoil hoverboards, electric surfboards, paddleboards, floating islands, tubes, and many more. Yacht Hampton has also made its packages accessible. Guests can simply book their packages online, having the entire fleet of yachts at their fingertips. 

Learn more about Yacht Hampton’s new fleet in South Florida on its new  website.

Country: United States

Media contact: Joe Ialacci

Company: South Florida Yacht Rental 

Email: captain@southfloridayachtrental.com

Phone number: +1 561-945-8527

Website: www.southfloridayachtrental.com

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