Step into an Imaginative World: Xuemeng Zhang’s Solo Exhibition, “Other Rooms,” Opens in New York City

Xuemeng Zhang
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Zhang’s solo exhibition, Other Rooms, is on view from March 15th to March 26th, 2023 at :iidrr Gallery in New York City.

Xuemeng Zhang is a visual artist whose work is centered on exploring the connections between the mind and the eye. Her art navigates between identity and culture, belonging and alienation, and perception and cognition. Zhang earned a BA in Psychology and Studio Art from Clark University, and she furthered her education with Masters in Fine Arts (MFA) with specialization in Photography, Video, and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts.

Zhang’s work has been displayed internationally at various prestigious venues, including Arte Laguna Prize (Venice, Italy), Untitled Art (Miami Beach, Florida), Kühlhaus Berlin (Berlin, Germany), Floor_ (Seoul, South Korea), ZAZ 10TS (New York, NY), and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (Philadelphia, PA). Her work has also been featured in notable publications such as F-Stop Magazine and Al-Tiba9 Contemporary Art Magazine.

Xuemeng Zhang’s artwork focuses on the tension between the unpredictability of imagined spaces and the certainty of photographic images, which challenges one’s perception. Zhang reconstructs and visualizes the architectures of the mind by using photographs as raw material. She builds spaces that do not yet exist physically, acknowledging feelings of uneasiness and envisioning how one lives in this built world.

Xuemeng Zhang

Photo Credit To: O27, 2022, Xuemeng Zhang

One of her notable projects is named “Other Rooms,” which is a photographic project on the reconstruction of imaginary spaces. Using geometrical and irregular shapes to visualize the structuring of imagined spaces, Zhang’s work questions how imaginary spaces form and function and how idiosyncratic perception influences and shapes the way we make sense of the world.

Zhang is exhibiting her work in the Arte Laguna Prize Exhibition in Venice, Italy from March 12th to April 16th. Her solo exhibition is also forthcoming at u1 Gallery (Tokyo, Japan) in July. Zhang’s artwork is unique, as it delves into the depths of the human mind, blurring the lines between reality and imagination. Her work showcases her exceptional talent and creativity and provides a thought-provoking insight into the world of imagination.

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