What is a Career Path & How to Make One

You are graduating from high school. Your years of burning the midnight oil will be about to pay off. But have you ever wondered what career path you want to take is? Not yet? You still have enough time to think about it, so there is nothing to worry about. 

But as early as now, you should know what you want to be in the future. If you cannot still figure out your ambition, have some time to reflect on your interest and passion. It is worth it. 

But what is a career path? What are the common examples of career paths? How to have a successful career path? In this comprehensive career pathing guide, you will know them all. Let’s get started! 

What is a Career Path? 

You have participated a career counseling recently. You have encountered a “career path” throughout the seminar. Maybe, you are now wondering what a career path is. Well, it is a series of jobs that will help you make a big goal happen. 

Suppose you want to be a principal in a public or private school. Before you turn that objective into a reality, you need to start as a teacher. While you are teaching, you have to exert effort to improve and level up your administrative credentials. You have to attend tons of training and seminars. You also have to continue studying. Once you have completed your MA, enroll in a Ph.D. course near you. 

Yes, the process is exhausting, overwhelming, and expensive. But all of your efforts will lead you to your biggest goal. 

Changing careers is part of the process. It is normal. Sometimes, you may not take another step on your career ladder, which is all right. You may feel negative about your achievement. You are only human, after all. As long as you stay committed and persistent, everything will be possible in God’s perfect time.

What are Examples of Career Paths? 

Have you tried thinking about the career you like? How’s the experience? It is difficult. Let’s make your experience easy, hassle-free, and fun at the same time. Here are some career paths for some fields: 


If you are an extroverted type of person and love to lead, an administration course is right for you. Usually, an administration graduate starts with an administrative assistant position. If you prove your skills and capabilities as a professional, you can get promoted to an executive assistant and an office manager. 


If you are business-minded, you can work in retail. You can begin with a retail sales clerk. With your hard work and patience, you can become an assistant manager, department manager, and store manager. If you are capable enough, advancing to a regional manager career will not be impossible. 

Customer Service 

Do you feel happy and satisfied every time you guide people? If yes, pursuing a career in customer service will be a wise choice you will not regret. Before you reach the highest position in a private company, you need to start from the bottom. But there is nothing to be ashamed of. Every job or position you handle is a great learning experience. Usually, people in customer service start from a representative to a regional sales manager. 

Human Resources 

Hiring or recruiting is a tricky job but fun. Experts say that HR is one of the fastest-growing fields in the US. Studies have suggested that the employment rate of an HR manager is estimated to grow around 7% by 2028. It is faster than the other occupations. That means there are thousands of job openings every year, in other words. Before you can become a director of human resources, you have to work as a human resources assistant. After some time, you will get promoted depending on your skills, enthusiasm, and experience. 


Do you love math? You can excel and succeed in an engineering career. Research has suggested that engineering positions are one of the highest paying jobs in the US. Engineers have a salary of around $91,010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. There are also different specializations to choose from, including mechanical, electrical, civil, and chemical engineering. Whatever your choice is, you can also advance your position. If you are highly dedicated to your job, your promotion from a junior engineer to an engineering consultant will be fast. 

How to Succeed in Your Chosen Career Path? 

Failing is part of your pursuit to your chosen career path. But without learning from every failure you make may lead to another mistake that may affect your self-esteem as a professional. Of course, you want to thrive in your profession. Unfortunately, it will not be as stress-free as you imagine. Here are some tips and tricks you should bear in mind when achieving your ambition in life: 

Be Willing to Learn More 

There is no permanent in this world but change. The job market, for example, is changing rapidly. Without taking any action to advance and learn new skills, you will feel stagnant, cannot compete with others, and feel unhappy with your career. No matter how busy you are with your life, find time to go out of your comfort zone and learn something different. 

Start Creating and Expanding your Network 

While it may not sound necessary at the moment, try to expand your social network. When you want to switch to a different career, job-hopping will never be as complicated as you think. Aside from LinkedIn, create accounts on other social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube. 

Take a Lateral Move in Your Career Positively 

Many people are afraid of moving sideways or even backward towards their careers. Do not feel that way. Always take a lateral move of your career positively. You will learn new things from it for sure, expanding your professional and personal competencies. Sometimes, taking any risks is worth it. 

Now, what’s your career choice? Maybe, you have one now in your mind. If you are still undecided, do not pressure yourself. Take your time, and you will make the right decision soon. 


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