Want to Bring Back the Summer Glow? Try Dr. Cat’s Summer Skincare Staple

You are well aware of the drill: Drink plenty of water, eat healthy, Sleep well, apply sunscreen every day and cleanse your face before you go to bed: it’s the everyday routine to maintain healthy skin. However, no matter how well you’re following it, time and gravity will catch up. With them come their friends, dry or itchy skin, wrinkles, and sagging, crashing your skincare routine.

As the seasons ebb and flow, your skin reacts to each climatic change, muddling your skincare routine further. Before the scorching heat hits your face, try out Dr. Cat’s summer skincare routine. Dr. Cat’s brand MD Glam has helped many women get their spark and confidence back.

MD Glam’s Sunshout Sunscreen 50 SPF is your summer soulmate. Even though you apply your regular sunscreen every two hours, being exposed to the sun for a long time can cause sunburns, premature aging, and skin cancer. Infused with a broad spectrum of UVA/UVB sun protection, the Sunshout Sunscreen prevents sunspots, laxity, rough texture, and the side effects of UV exposure.

Dr. Cat recommends cleansing your skin with the MD Glam Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser to clear away your busy day’s stress. Enriched with Vitamins A and E, the MD Glam Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser will give you a refreshing and smooth feel every time you wash your face. For soft and supple skin in summer, this cleanser is a must. Would you like to try an exfoliating scrub that also works as a face mask? Give your skin a dose of TLC thrice a week with pineapple stem powder-imbued MD Glam Exfoliating Enzyme Scrub. Apply it and leave it on your skin for 10-20 minutes to watch it do wonders.

Dr. Cat Begovic and her Brainchild MD Glam

Dr. Cat Begovic is one of the few female plastic surgeons changing the way people talk about surgeries. She pursued Molecular and Cellular Biology from Harvard University and was awarded a medical degree at UCLA. Since 2010, Dr. Cat has been in private practice at LA and Beverly Hills, specializing in tummy tuck, mommy makeover, liposuction, labiaplasty, BBL, revision plastic surgery, breast augmentation, and other highly skilled plastic surgery procedures.

Dr. Cat believes every woman’s skin is unique and curating products that suit one’s skin is her specialty. Her passion project MD Glam is a medical-grade skincare brand that pays incredible attention to the ingredients you use on your skin.

MD Glam’s skin care line consists of clinically proven products suitable for all skin types to achieve younger-looking skin. The products retain skin moisture and provide the antioxidants needed for cell turnover, replacing the dead skin cells with new ones. If you’re more inclined towards chemical-free products, MD Glam’s paraben, sulfate, dye, and cruelty-free skincare range is the one-stop solution for better skin. MD Glam’s skincare range is the best present you could give yourself this summer.


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