Types of Software Your Small Business Needs

If you’re starting a small business in the near future, it’s time to think about software. Whether you have additional employees or are planning to handle everything yourself, software can make your life so much easier. 

It’s difficult to take care of lots of things at once, but many business owners look after their finances, marketing, sales and shipping without any help. Luckily, software can take some of this load off your shoulders, allowing you to take care of what’s important without stretching yourself too thin. Here are some of the top types of software you should think about investing in.


Finances are probably one of the most important elements of any small business. After all, if your finances aren’t in order how can you hope to keep trading? Sage.com accounting software can help you to make sure your money is all in order. From keeping track of invoices to organising payroll and offering cashflow visibility, this programme really does it all. You won’t even have to worry about making tax-related calculations, as this is all built into the system. It’s perfect for small business owners who don’t want to hire an accountant but understand that spreadsheets can create more problems than they solve.


Nearly all businesses have an online presence these days, which is why considering SEO is crucial. If your website isn’t being discovered on search engines, then you can bet you’re losing sales to competitors every day. While you might be aware of SEO, chances are your strategy could be better with the help of software. Not only will you get insights into keywords, but you’ll also be able to check what keywords your competitors are targeting. Keyword research can be time-consuming, so why not let software automate some of that process? Alternatively, you could hire an SEO professional or agency to help you get off the ground more quickly.


Whether you have employees or not, having communication software is essential for all businesses. Even if you don’t have co-workers to send messages to, you’ll need a reliable system for talking to clients and sometimes email just won’t cut it. You can choose an integrated approach to communication software, having email, instant messaging and video calls all in one place, or you could use different platforms for all three. Consider looking for communication software that makes orders visible to clients as well. This way you’ll be able to talk about the progress of projects more easily and avoid confusion.

Web Design

You don’t have to be a web design expert to have a website that looks great and works well. Depending on your skill level, you can choose web design software that gives you more control or one that comes with ready-made templates. Whichever one you choose, web design software is crucial for giving your small business a professional online presence. While social media really does help with your marketing efforts, having your own website makes you seem more authentic. 

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