The Secret to Unlocking Your Potential Resides in Your Natural Energy Supply, Says Shawn Wells

As the world seemingly demands more from us than ever before, people everywhere are feeling like they are operating on an empty tank, with a lack of natural energy and motivation to get all of their tasks done. There is an energy crisis and a lethargy that is preventing people from reaching their peak potential, whether they realize it or not. 

The gap between potential and energy supply is frustrating, defeating, and can lead to the inability to find one’s ‘purpose’ in this lifetime, says Shawn Wells, a recognized leader in the nutrition space, biohackivist, dietitian, and longevity expert. Beyond missing our true potential, this lack of energy can have other long-lasting help repercussions, like auto-immune conditions, mental health challenges, and chronic pain.

That’s why Wells is encouraging people everywhere to make the necessary changes in their lives to create sustained energy that helps them reach their wildest dreams.

“We are both distracted and overwhelmed by the demands put on us today, which can place us in a survival mode that drains our energy resources,” said Wells. “We are living day-to-day, using whatever energy supply we have to make it to the next task. This kind of living isn’t one that’s conducive to sustained energy and health, but rather, a ‘disaster-mode’ approach to the tasks at hand that can cause us to fall short of our potential. The first step in fixing this problem is realizing that our small, habitual decisions every day are impeding our body’s biological energy supply.” 

The Energy Formula

Wells is no stranger to living with a lack of energy, having survived a series of torturous health battles that caused him to reflect on his life and make necessary changes. Based on meticulous and persistent research to find solutions to his personal and painful experiences, as well as two decades of legitimate clinical and scientific expertise, Wells has released The Energy Formula: Six Life-Changing Ingredients to Unleash Your Limitless Potential. The book is designed to address every little daily decision that may be impacting your potential right now.

With six energy pillars discussed throughout the book that need to be addressed and managed to bury the exhaustion and powerlessness, Wells’ latest book release covers:

  • Understanding how energy is created in the first place
  • How to biohack and improve natural longevity
  • How to create measurable change in just 30 days
  • Increasing resilience through the science of hormesis
  • Unleashing unlimited mental and physical potential
  • Using fasting, keto, paleo, cold plunges, and DNA testing to optimize health decisions

“I created this book to be a transparent, vulnerable, and inspiring guide that helps everyone come out of their ‘dark place’ and realize they can be living a much more fulfilling and sustainable life,” said Wells. “I was there, too. I get it. But our future does not have to be defined by our past.”

Wells is presently the CEO of ZoneHalo Research, working daily to consult with companies like Advocare, GNC, the Vitamin Shoppe, Smoothie King, and other major brands. He also holds numerous patents on popular ingredients that have been used in over 500 products to date.

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