The Power of Coaching: How Steve Harris Helps Refine Message, Increase Earnings, and Build Successful Businesses

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Envision reaching the pinnacle of success in every aspect of life, personal and professional. While this may seem like an unattainable goal, an experienced life coach and a business strategist can provide the guidance necessary to make it a reality.


Steve Harris, known as “Mr. Ruthless Execution.” He is highly regarded for his ability to help clients bridge the gap between their potential and actual performance. With extensive experience in management consulting, Steve has led successful retreats and strategy sessions for Fortune 500 companies across different countries.


Steve’s expertise has earned him recognition from respected international organizations such as the International Coach Federation and the International Certified Consultants Association. He has also received accolades from prestigious entities such as the United Nations/YFP, where he was named a Young Ambassador for Peace. In addition, his accomplishments have been featured in various notable news media outlets, including Forbes, The Economist, and Yahoo Finance.


Through his coaching programs, including Mastering the Business of Your Talent & The Goliath Program, Steve has helped clients generate millions of dollars in recent months. In addition, he caters to individuals with valuable life experiences or knowledge to share, thought leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners seeking marketing and brand strategies.


Steve’s coaching programs are designed to assist thought leaders and coaches in expanding their practices and create lucrative memberships. His 6-month accelerator program and special events accomplish this, where he has helped many clients refine their message, increase their prices, and achieve significant earnings.


In addition, Steve assists entrepreneurs and business owners who require marketing and branding strategies to differentiate themselves from the competition and become the preferred choice of their customers. He also mentors CEOs and business leaders who strive to accomplish what others consider impossible. His exceptional coaching programs have enabled his clients to generate significant revenue, making him an excellent role model for thought leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, and business owners seeking to take their businesses to new heights.

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