The BioSport Way with Dr. Alex Stavrianoudakis and Dr. Leovardo Chavez, Doctors of Physical Therapy at BioSport Physical Therapy

Acclaimed physiotherapist Dr. Leovardo Chavez began BioSport Physical Therapy almost 20 years ago. Dr. Chavez had a vision for a set of clinics that could be an epicenter of learning for future therapists as well as the premier clinics for healing in the Central Valley. 

Dr. Chavez never stopped learning and always stayed on top of the newest research that came out in the field of physical therapy. In addition to his Master’s degree and then Doctorate degree in Physical Therapy, he completed a four-year internship program in Athletic Training at Fresno State, where he worked with acclaimed athletes such as Michael Jordan, Trent Dilfer, Michael Pittman, Jeff Weaver, David Carr, Billy Volic, Amanda Scott, Laura Berg, Pat Hill, and Jerry Tarkanian to mention a few. 

Dr. Chavez completed the highly esteemed Folsom Long-Term Advanced Manual Orthopedics Course specializing in Nordic Manual Therapy as well as becoming certified in Dry Needling and proficient in Spinal Manipulation through the Spinal Manipulation Institute with Dr. James Dunning from the American Academy of Manipulative Therapy. 

After 15 years of treating and growing his company BioSport Physical Therapy, Dr. Chavez was able to find the partner and co-owner that would help him realize his initial ambitions. Dr. Chavez had been interviewing many candidates in the prior five years to find a suitable partner that would help BioSport grow and who also believed in the values of BioSport, to serve with passion, continue learning, do what’s right, create an experience, and to have fun! It was at this time that he met and bonded with fellow Doctor of Physical Therapy Dr. Alex Stavrianoudakis

Dr. Stavrianoudakis quickly grew a liking to the BioSport Way and the one-on-one approach to patient treatment that Dr. Chavez utilized in his clinic. Dr. Stavrianoudakis was able to become a junior partner. After the two owners put their minds together, they were able to triple the growth of the primary BioSport clinic and grow a second one. 

Dr. Stavrianoudakis was mentored by Dr. Leovardo Chavez, following in his footsteps to also become certified in Dry Needling, Spinal Manipulation and receiving his Diploma in Osteopractic in 2022. Dr. Stavrianoudakis worked up to become a full partner with Dr. Chavez and the COO of BioSport during this time. 

Doctors Leo and Alex grew BioSport from two therapists and one building into three new clinics and over 12 therapists in total. Dr. Leovardo Chavez has now moved into the CEO role and has focused his attention on training his therapy staff on the BioSport Business Model and the BioSport Way. Dr. Leovardo Chavez and Dr. Alex Stavrianoudakis lead the charge in the therapy world by providing holistic, personalized care to help patients eliminate pain and improve their quality of life. 

Both Dr. Chavez and Dr. Stavrianoudakis only employ passionate therapists and push them to go above and beyond with their learning and patient care. BioSport will continue to grow as the premier physical therapy healthcare facility in providing holistic healing focused on exercise and manual care, such as cupping, scraping, spinal manipulation, and myofascial release. 

Through the mentorship of Dr. Chavez, Dr. Stavrianoudakis has become a leading specialist in the field of physical therapy, with a unique approach to physical therapy. Dr. Stavrianoudakis is motivated to heal his patients and revolutionize the current physiotherapy system, which currently gives patients ineffective cookie-cutter experiences. Dr. Stavrianoudakis has quoted: “Leo has taught me that individualized one-on-one care is the answer to successful physical therapy treatment as well as connection with the patients.” 

Since becoming COO, Dr. Stavrianoudakis has pushed to enhance the BioSport culture and create a team of passionate therapists to help the patients in the Central Valley by continuing to use the BioSport one-on-one approach. Dr. Stavrianoudakis has become the go-to physiotherapist for athletes such as MMA fighter Nick and Nate Diaz, Hyder Amil, the HeavyWeight Armwrestling Champion of the World Devon Larratt, USA cricket team members, and even the Chargers NFL team. 

Both Dr. Leovardo and Dr. Stavrianoudakis make sure all of their therapists and staff are equipped with meticulous customer service, which has become a trademark of the BioSport Way. These therapists create a bond that transcends the doctor-patient bond. “My gift is my connection with patients,” Alex explained. “I give my patient everything they need and the personalized attention they deserve. I will never give up on them and always be there when they need me,” he added. 

This bond has attracted other talent to the BioSport family. Just recently this year, Dr. Karandeep Gill became the first BioSport Physical Therapy Franchise owner, who now runs the BioSport Physical Therapy San Joaquin clinic in Tracy, California. As a result of BioSport’s growth, the BioSport Physical Therapy clinics boast an impressive clientele list and a massive social media following on Instagram/YouTube

Looking to the future, through the guidance of both Dr. Leovardo Chavez and Dr. Alex Stavrianoudakis, along with their new franchise owner, Dr. Karandeep Gill, BioSport Physical Therapy will further its mission of providing high-quality one-on-one individualized care to patients, and also progress as a learning center for the future elite physical therapists of the Central Valley.

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