Tayofficial on Bringing Creative Visions Into Life Through Videography

Countless professionals, industry authorities, and household names can prove a testament to the importance of stepping outside one’s comfort zone. As safe as the space within one’s box is, opportunities for personal development and success almost always make themselves known when people move away from the walls that are hindering them from growing. In the case of the widely-recognized videographer Tayofficial, it was taking a leap of faith and diving headfirst into an endeavor that he is not intimate with that lies as the reason behind his growing renown. As he continues to take center stage, he wants to send across a message to other aspirants who are currently in limbo.

Hailing from Philadelphia, this 22-year old professional is making waves in the video production industry. With one look at the top-notch quality of his work, it is easy to jump to the conclusion that he has been honing his skills at the craft for years now. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth as Tayofficial first picked up a camera only two years ago. 

Tayofficial first started as a graphic designer, making cover arts for his friends. “They asked If I was able to edit videos and I said, “I don’t know. I never tried.” They then told me to buy a camera and try it out,” he recalls. Despite being a total stranger to the intricacies of video production, this go-getter did not allow his lack of knowledge and skills to hinder him from delving into a new realm. He did not only buy a new camera, but he also dedicated time and effort to learn the nitty-gritty of utilizing a camera and editing videos. 

[Tayyofficial filming New York Artist J.I.]

Shooting his first video proved to be the first step toward a successful career. Today, after rising through the ranks, this sought-after videographer has worked with artists such as 147Calboy, Memo600, YXNG K.A., and many more well-known artists. Tayofficial takes pride in having been acknowledged as one of Philly’s most talented videographers, and amidst the acclaim, he shows no sign of slowing down.

A year into delivering impeccable music videos and edits to customers, the esteemed creative was able to link up with the rapper G1000 for a visual called “Being Shot.” Based on a real incident involving the rapper getting shot multiple times, the video — and a snippet of it that went viral — filmed by Tayofficial helped the musician land numerous meetings with various labels and eventually secure the support of a recording company months after the release of the video.  

Additionally, Tayofficial, who has worked with labels such as Interscope, RCA, United Masters, and more. He is credited for producing YXNG K.A’s hit music video named “It Is What It Is.” Since its release, it has racked up over five million views and is set to gain more. 

Currently based in Atlanta, Georgia, Tayofficial is working towards elevating his career to greater heights. Aiming to expand his portfolio of accomplishments, he will continue to bank on his ability to produce top-notch edits, as well as on his signature approach to bringing to life the creative visions of his clients. 

Learn more about Tayofficial by visiting his Instagram page. 

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