Take Your Facial Aesthetic to the Next Level with SleepObrace

As we grow and change, most of us develop an interest in refining our appearance. We might use clothes, skincare products, and other processes to enhance how we look–but there is one area that can have a noticeable impact–our mouths. 

Having straight teeth and a defined jawline can have a huge effect on your appearance, which is why there are so many expensive ways to make these changes. Traditional orthodontics, like braces, and plastic surgery are two common approaches, but they can be expensive and require a lot of recovery time. Fortunately, SleepObrace is here to simplify the process.

What is SleepObrace?

SleepObrace is a universal mouthpiece that is designed to correct your teeth and jaw in three simple stages. Created to be worn at night, SleepObrace can work as effectively as traditional orthodontic treatments for a fraction of the price. All you have to do is wear SleepObrace every night and watch as your mouth starts to change.

SleepObrace Stages Include:

  • Stage 1: Soft (1 to 3 months)
  • Stage 2: Moderate (6 to 8 months)
  • Stage 3: Hard (5 to 8 months)

How Does SleepObrace Work?

Made using non-toxic and flexible materials, SleepObrace is made to create even pressure throughout the jaw. As a result of this, your teeth will align, and your jawline will become more defined. With time, you can look forward to aligned teeth, closed gaps, and a better facial aesthetic. 

Using SleepObrace to Improve Your Face

SleepObrace’s 3-part system is designed to help promote a healthier alignment of the teeth, as well as a more defined jaw–but these are just some of the benefits that come with this system. Let’s explore the areas where SleepObrace really shines.

Protect and Support Your Teeth

Your teeth are one of your most important aesthetic features, and they provide a lot of functional support too. With SleepObrace, you can protect and support your teeth from common problems. Poor alignment, crowding, teeth grinding, and gaps can all damage your teeth. SleepObrace supports your teeth by getting everything where it needs to be, easily helping with bite alignment and complications associated with a narrow dental arch.

Improve Jaw Health and Appearance

The jawline plays a large role in the overall aesthetic of our face. Having a defined jawline is something that so many people want, that it is a common plastic surgery request. By naturally aligning your teeth and supporting your jaw, SleepObrace can give you a more visible jawline that helps your face to look healthy and well-defined.

Enhance Sleep Quality

Snoring and other issues with breathing can happen as a direct result of our oral posture. These issues can lessen the quality of our sleep–and the quality of those who sleep around us. Since SleepObrace supports oral posture and the location of your tongue, it can help ensure that everything is where it needs to be all night long.

The Takeaway

Everybody wants a healthy mouth and a great smile, and SleepObrace makes it all possible for a price that the average person can actually afford. To learn more about how our system can help you to reach your goals and perfect your smile, explore our products today. You can enhance your appearance one night of rest at a time!