Tactic Facilitates the Shift to Hybrid Workplaces and Ushers in the Future of Human Productivity

Organizations are wading through the dark while trying to change existing workplace arrangements into more efficient models. Fortunately, Tactic has built solutions to facilitate the shift to a hybrid workplace. As various industries continue to transform to adapt to the new normal, Tactic leads the charge in helping organizations contextualize the ongoing shifts and changes.

In preparation for launching the brand, the Tactic team explored the pros and cons of remote work in its current state. Working from home resulted in extra family time, flexible schedules, and the elimination of daily commute. However, remote work was mainly an unplanned reaction to the global pandemic, and organizations did not have much time to design effective models carefully. After almost a year in, workers are mentally exhausted from video conferencing and are increasingly looking forward to face-to-face interactions.

At this stage, people already acknowledge that there is no going back to the old ways. The focus should be on moving forward, and Tactic makes a strong case for shifting to a hybrid work environment. This transition makes it flexible for employees to work from home and use the office for in-person collaborations. By contextualizing these industry-wide changes, people can start looking to the future with excitement, knowing that it holds wonders for human productivity.

The initial idea for Tactic began in early 2020. The Tactic team started working on some wireframes and interviewing potential users over the summer when lockdowns in most countries were in full swing. With the learnings from these interviews, market research, and identifying the existing gap in the market, the team dedicated their time to design and development. At the start of this new year, the company is finally launching and starting to onboard paying customers.

A growing number of companies are realizing that hybrid work environments offer the best of both worlds. Tactic provides solutions for the three most significant challenges in adopting this model: the safe short-term return of employees to the office, managing culture and collaboration in a hybrid environment, and long-term considerations for leasing and configuring space. The company uses a simple UX design that makes it possible for most organizations to be up and running in less than an hour.

Tactic stays on top of the entire process by using health questionnaires, contact tracing, and capacity management. These tools ensure that employees return to a safe office environment in the short-term. Meanwhile, the company facilitates long-term user adoption by focusing on providing value and net benefit to the end-users’ lives. The majority of workers actually prefer returning to the office at least once a week, so Tactic helps clients strike the right balance in giving employees the opportunity for in-person collaboration. With these innovative solutions, organizations can maintain company culture and promote employee well-being.

Executive teams can use Tactic’s robust reporting engine and analytics to make decisions based on objective data. Securing answers to questions on which teams need to use office space or correlation between office attendance and performance is now simpler than ever.

To learn more about the future of human productivity, visit Tactic’s website.

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