An Immersive Experience Like No Other: Strength n Honor Training Brings Fresh Perspective to Sports Training

At Strength N Honor Training Facility, customized programming reigns supreme. The dedicated team knows that one size does not fit all and puts a premium on individualized training. Their philosophy, honed through experience on the playing field, is all about attention to detail and unlocking each athlete’s full potential.

“We believe that every athlete is unique, and our customized programming reflects that belief,” said Steve Konopka, Founder of Strength N Honor Training Facility. “Our team is dedicated to helping each athlete reach their full potential, and we are confident that our customized approach will do just that. With the addition of our customized app, we can help even more athletes with our top-tier customized programs.”

Their “ACL PROTOCOL” assessment and training program is making waves, particularly with female athletes who are at a higher risk of ACL injuries. By addressing risk factors like poor mobility, imbalanced muscles, and improper movement patterns, they are reducing the likelihood of career-ending injuries.

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament, or ACL, is a vital tendon that gives stability to the knee during athletic pursuits. For female athletes, keeping the ACL intact is especially important, as they are a staggering eight times more susceptible to ACL injuries than their male counterparts. Tragically, the frequency of ACL injuries among female athletes has skyrocketed in the past 20 years, with a 300% increase in just the last two decades and an astonishing 800% rise since 1972. Contrary to popular belief, ACL injuries are not solely a result of physical contact in sports. In fact, the majority of female ACL injuries stem from non-contact movements such as running, jumping, cutting, and landing, with up to 70% occurring without any physical collision. This type of injury can have devastating effects on a female athlete’s career, particularly if not treated and rehabilitated properly after surgery.

That’s why Strength N Honor Training is tackling the issue head-on, developing protocols to minimize risk factors and keep athletes healthy. Whether one is a highly driven athlete or just looking to improve their health and happiness, they’ve got each client covered.

Through the implementation of their unique training methods and philosophies, Strength N Honor Training Facility is dedicated to not only fostering the growth and success of high-performing athletes but also empowering everyday individuals to improve their health, well-being, and overall functionality.