Star Superstylist Brandon “Uno” Williams Sheds Light on His Rising Platform in the Hairstyle Space

Many think getting a new hairstyle is something that people try to look good in front of others, but it does so much more than that. For some people, it is a practice of self-care and a celebration of one’s individuality. Aware of this, Brandon “Uno” Williams has taken it upon himself to not only provide an unforgettable experience but also educate others who have expressed their interest in learning the technique. 

A St. Louis, Missouri native, Brandon “Uno” Williams has been a significant leader in the profession, advancing the industry as a hairstylist, creator, and innovator. He is the proud owner of the Atlanta-based Hair By Uno Studios Salon. Additionally, Uno holds over twenty years of experience in the cosmetology industry, often splitting his time between laying edges at his salon and educating a community of seasoned and aspiring artists on coloring, precision cutting, styling, and business growth.

Throughout his two-decade career, Uno has been polishing his craft and experimenting to find how he can improve his business. He is currently building a global tribe of certified hairstylists who use his methods to grow their brands. With his platform, Uno prides himself on being a supportive pillar in business for new and seasoned stylists looking for a mentor to guide them in developing and scaling their companies.


Uno is the sole creator and innovator of the patent-pending Perfect Platinum Pixie technique, a unique method that he conceptualized through his years of experience. “It has always been said that it wasn’t possible to achieve a bone-straight platinum pixie haircut on textured hair for Black women,” said Uno. “What I’ve achieved is a breakthrough in the industry.”

The Perfect Platinum Pixie is a technique that Uno created for women of color (specifically Black women) to achieve this aesthetic while still maintaining the integrity of their hair.  Uno’s work started to gain traction, prompting other stylists to approach him and ask how they could replicate the style for their clients. “From there, I began teaching classes in 2020, and today, I have over 250 certified Perfect Platinum Pixie Specialists,” said Uno. “Those specialists are now providing clients – and even a few celebrities – with the unique look in multiple cities. The most remarkable thing about this journey is that I saw a problem, found a solution, and am now sharing that information with the world.”

While he is enjoying great success today, Uno was not always as outgoing and lively with his craft as he is now. Many of his close friends recognized his gifts more than he saw for himself, but Uno resisted for a long time. Realizing there was a problem, Uno would pray about it, and he finally got his answer when God stepped in and told him, “Son, I gave you this gift. You better use it before I take it away or take you out of here for ignoring me.” The prayer forced Uno to see it with his own eyes, believe that it could happen, and stop letting the fear of failure run his life.

With his career on the rise, Brandon “Uno” Williams is more enthusiastic about what the future holds for him. He sees himself with a child or two while enjoying the fruits of his labor as a multi-millionaire or billionaire. “At this point, working behind the chair will be optional,” he said thoughtfully.

Learn more about Brandon “Uno” Williams and The Perfect Platinum Pixie by visiting his official website.

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