Sofia Estrada Castro Is Helping Women Everywhere Profit from the Booming Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is booming from coast to coast right now, with more activity than experts could have ever predicted. The trend is expected to continue far into 2021, even 2022, which is why now is a perfect time for would-be investors to get in on the action. 

As a real estate mogul and investor herself, Sofia Castro is sharing the potential benefits and profitability of this industry with women everywhere as they continue to wonder if they have the ‘hutzpah’ to play with the big real estate dogs. Having conquered her fears as a woman that real estate investment was above her reach and potential, Castro has developed a fail-proof educational platform that is making real estate access possible for everyone.

“I believed that if I made getting into real estate easy and simple by providing hands-on education, insider knowledge into buying properties, and financing options for those that can’t afford to fund projects themselves, then I would be able to help women everywhere realize they can follow in my footsteps,” said Castro. “Women need a confidence boost to know that they can be just as formidable at real estate as their male counterparts. My story proves it.”

From Over Leveraged to Perfectly Managed

Castro’s first experience in real estate followed with a plan to buy condo conversions. She flipped condos that she bought so she could sell them individually as her strategy. Castro bought $72 million dollar’s worth of condo conversions, only to witness the market taking an unexpected negative turn. Unprepared for such a shift, Castro felt she was over-leveraged and in over her head. She attributes this experience as a critical learning lesson that helped position her today as a real estate educator and mentor. 

As a result, Castro launched Queen Ventures: a real estate education platform geared specifically toward women. The firm manages its proprietary approach to real estate called the 5 Steps to Real Estate Royalty. The 5 steps teach women how to make winning buying decisions, manage properties, manage capital, scale businesses by using financing, and lastly, when to exit strategically. Paired with education, Queen Ventures also offers mentorship from experienced real estate investors who have made tens of millions in real estate.

“We provide our community members with access to individuals that have mastered the art of real estate,” said Castro. “Together, we are helping women everywhere realize that real estate investment can be something that they master in the next year. I envision a world where women see themselves winning in the business realm, and that starts with a winning mindset. We are happy to be that mindset catalyst.”

The Real Estate Investment Queen

Castro is known as the “real estate investment queen” as she works hard to share her knowledge and experience with women everywhere. Having seen the freedom that comes with real estate, she wants as many people as possible to know they can manage their own real estate empire, right from their homes, in 2021.

For more information, visit her website.

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