Shughla Karzai Renews the Hope of Orphans in War-Torn Afghanistan Through Her Book, Love in Despair

Shughla Karzai
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We talk about how change is badly needed in the world, but we often limit ourselves from taking action. Most individuals say that they do not have the resources to spark transformation, but personalities like Shughla Karzai believe otherwise. They maintain the idea that, in this world filled with uncertainties, one remains definite – it is a person’s will to catalyze change. Thus, if one possesses the determination to transcend limitations, impact lives, and defy the odds, anything is possible. Armed with an unparalleled dedication to serving as an instrument of transformation, Shughla writes Love in Despair: A Flicker of Hope in the Midst of Tragedy to help orphans in the Sana Orphanage renew their faith for a better future ahead.

“It only takes one individual to spark change and play an important role in the world,” Shughla shared.

As a visionary who aims to serve as a beacon of hope for hundreds of thousands of children worldwide, Shughla Karzai is an esteemed personality who has dedicated her life to transforming her goal into reality. Thus, she wrote a book entitled Love in Despair: A Flicker of Hope in the Midst of Tragedy to talk about the Sana Orphanage. 

Sana Orphanage is a tax-exempt, independent, non-political, non-profit, and non-government organization built to save orphans from eternal despair. It is specifically established for children in war-torn Afghanistan, offering a refreshing outlook to the youth who have had their hopes crushed by their surroundings. Through this initiative, Shughla hopes to renew the children’s faith and help them build a better future for themselves.

“Sana’s mission is to educate, care for, and provide hope to the orphans of Kandahar. Sana Orphanage will train these orphans to become the backbone of the country and to be the future doctors, engineers, mechanics and teachers of Afghanistan. Education is the light to our future, it opens doors for a better future, and Sana Orphanage will give this light, this opportunity to orphans in Kandahar. It is our hope in the Sana Orphanage to provide education that will stop crime in Afghanistan, fight poverty, and bring success to the country through employment,” its website wrote.

Although leading the Sana Orphanage is already well within the bounds of Shughla Karzai’s vision of impacting lives, she wants to expand the organization to help more children. For this reason, she has published a book entitled Love in Despair: A Flicker of Hope in the Midst of Tragedy. This magnificent literary piece shares the cause of the Orphanage and its origins, as well as the tales of children who have grown and found a future in the organization. “Not all of the children’s stories can be told, as there are over fifty children now at the orphanage, but a sampling of various stories will be included to give the reader an idea of the kinds of things these children have been forced to deal with in their short lives,” shared Shughla. Through this, she aims to gather more individuals who believe in the organization’s cause.

As Shughla Karzai continues to stay committed to her vision of change, she hopes to expand the horizons of the Sana Orphanage to help more orphans through her book, Love in Despair. Above anything else, she wishes to see more children become hopeful of what the future holds.


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