Security Matters: Ensuring the Safety of Your Belongings in a Self-Storage Facility

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Storage spaces reduce as years go by because you keep on purchasing more recent stuff, lacking space for the old or the newly acquired items. However, a self-storage facility is your go-to solution when you want to keep the memories of old items that you have formed an emotional connection with. Self-storage facilities are not only created for storing old items; they are an essential place to store precious and important items you wish to keep from others. They are quite important because you may retrieve these items anytime you need them. Be sure to choose a self-storage facility that will ensure the safety of your belongings 24/7. 

Layers of Security

Various security features are a must-have in a self-storage facility. Be responsible for checking the layers of security in a facility you intend to utilize for storage. Your belongings must be concealed In layers of security because you cannot afford to lose those precious items. Storage facilities should have 24-hour surveillance CCTV to ensure security at all times. These tapes should never be retrieved unless a security sabotaging incident occurs in the facility. However, the storage areas should be monitored at all times. Self-storage facilities often provide strong locking mechanisms to ensure top-notch security for your items. However, you may still add another layer of a lock in this self-storage facility and keep the keys to yourself. Also, opt for a facility with a third security layer, the security guards. Even better, having a unique passcode guarantees more security where only the users can access the storage units.

Facility Location

Your self-storage location can make or break you. Consider a safe self-storage facility in a secure environment free from criminal activities. An insecure location is prone to breakages, theft, and burglary. Location matters because the facility might be doing all it can to ensure the safety of your items, but once you get your belongings, they might be stolen on your way home. Additionally, the climate of the location of your self-storage unit should be friendly and free from the possibility of natural disaster. A natural disaster is an occurrence that cannot be controlled; therefore, when it sweeps off the facility, the safety of your belongings cannot be guaranteed. 

Adequate Lighting

Proper lighting is a consideration you should make when choosing a self-storage facility. You cannot have your prized possessions kept in the dark. CCTVs require proper lighting to capture clear footage. Clear footage is critical because, in case there is an incident at the facility, investigations will be easier to carry out. Each storage unit might not have security lighting. The owner could ensure adequate lighting at the hallways, common exits, and entry points. Ensure the facility’s lighting is widely spread and mounted high to cast bright lighting. Lighting should not be put off even at night to ensure maximum security. The facility should have motion sensor lights that complement the security offered by surveillance cameras. When you visit the facility, the sensors should be able to sense your motion, and this would leave you feeling your belongings safe and secure. 

Attentive Property Management

Property security features should be complemented by attentive facility management. On-site management is essential because they are able to deal with issues as they arise. If you have issues with your storage unit, an on-site manager will address it on time ensuring further safety of your items. Management should be there to listen to additional security features required by your clients. 

Perimeter Fences and Keypad Access

The perimeter fence is essential for most facilities, and a self-storage facility is not exceptional. Be sure this perimeter fence has a swing gate, slide gate, or vertical pivot gate. Not everyone should be allowed into the storage facility; therefore, the owner can install keypad access with unique passwords for each tenant. This will help in documenting visitors to the facility for each passing day. Ensure you do not share your passcode with anyone, as you will have no one to blame when you lose your precious items. 

Keeping your property insured and secure is critical, but keeping a thorough inventory of the items in storage is essential too. Be sure to keep serial numbers, photos, and, more importantly, your own key to your self-storage unit. By doing this, you will be able to track all the items you keep in a storage unit. Technology is revolutionizing all sectors, including storage units. Therefore, you can install an inventory app instead of pinning them down. 


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