Searching for the Stars: WitchDoctorAlex Becomes a Household Name in Astrology

The world we are living in today is constantly changing at a mind-blogging speed. In the grand scheme of things, every aspect of our lives has gained enormous importance, be it in the field of career, education, or marriage. That is why many young people of today are putting their bets on astrology like never before. Day by day, more people are downloading mobile apps and visiting websites to gauge their future. However, nothing can match the great knowledge of Alexander Stephan Hart, now known by the name of WitchDoctorAlex. One of the most followed astrologers in social media, Alexander is considered the most outspoken supporter of this generation’s interest in Hoodoo and Astrology.

WitchDoctorAlex is a man of many things – an astrologer, tarot reader, Hoodoo practitioner, and spiritual podcast host. Born and raised in Los Angeles, his fascination with astrology started during his formative years in high school. Upon picking up Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs, he already knew the path he wanted to take when he grew up. Since then, he began studying the invaluable benefits of astrology to correct human life. His life revolved around constant immersion in different spiritual practices, including his own family’s Louisiana Hoodoo. 

Despite the misconception and lack of awareness behind Hoodoo practice, it did not stop WitchDoctorAlex from pursuing his true passion. For the unindoctrinated, Hoodoo, being a form of Folk magic, has been used for generations by black southerners to improve conditions ranging from money to love. To hone his craft, he practiced giving advice and guidance to his circle of friends and co-workers during his early teens. His spiritual readings had helped people be more in control of their lives and, as a result, captivated more audiences to join his following. 

By the year 2017, his following in the digital arena has taken new heights. His vast knowledge of astrology and Hoodoo practices has contributed to the collective wisdom. As evidence of his continuing popularity, he even got featured in the prominent magazine Moreover, he was invited for interviews on multiple podcasts as more people came to know the great WitchDoctorAlex. 

Recognizing his undeniable effect on people, Alexander has set on broadening his audience within the spiritual community. He created the show called The 777 Show Podcast, in which he provides relevant and factual information about all things spiritual. He hopes his discussions on astrology can give comfort by allowing people to put words to what they’re feeling. His podcast playlist is currently available on Spotify and iTunes.

On the other hand, Alexander’s astrological capability is out of this world. As a testament to his competence, he gave accurate predictions on how the US 2020 election would turn out. His prediction on the topic is one of the most viewed videos on Youtube, which can be watched on Alex Shein’s channel. Not only that, but he forecasted the shocking series of events of American actor and singer Jussie Smollet and rapper and songwriter Tekashi 69.

In times of deep uncertainty, it’s human nature to latch on to something for security. Astrology happens to be a choice for finding peace. Get in touch with WitchDoctorAlex for more well-rounded discussions about the spiritual community by visiting his website. Make sure to check his online botanica for your metaphysical needs. 

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