Say Goodbye to Credit Woes Through Ivonne Arvizu’s Empowering Credit Program

A person’s credit standing is a significant aspect of their financial health. In most cases, banks and other finance bodies look at the credit score of a professional before approving or declining loan rates, mortgage applications, and countless other financial matters. Enter Ivonne Arvizu, or popularly known as La Reyna Del Credito, a credit specialist with a solid reputation in the finance industry for offering reasonable turnarounds, competitive prices, client satisfaction, and impeccable credit monitoring services. 

Born in Mexico, this Latina woman is currently a successful financial consultant, credit repair advocate, and spokesperson. She has dedicated more than two decades of her life helping people better manage their finances. Her extensive knowledge in finance and credit has paved the way to the success of her clients from various fields—the entertainment scene, law, real estate, law enforcement, and other professions. This gained her the recognition of being “The Queen of Credit”’ among the Latin community for endlessly lending a helping hand to her brothers and sisters for them to achieve financial stability. 

Of course, Ivonne Arvizu does not forget her humble beginnings. Her success today is a product of her experience. Back then, when Ivonne migrated to the United States to realize her lifelong American dream, her mother had to work three jobs simultaneously just so they could purchase a home. Despite being extremely cautious of ensuring her obligations were met, Ivonne’s mother got denied due to poor credit standing. Unbeknownst to her, the credit system in their country was different from the US. This big misunderstanding fueled Ivonne to strive hard in school. She eventually finished high school with high honors and gained a 4-year scholarship at UC Santa Barbara. 

She was then scouted by banks and offered a high-ranking position in the organization. One thing she learned from working at these banks was that most people had bad credit standing due to financial illiteracy. To help them overcome these, Ivonne Arvizu decided to take on the challenge of providing people the necessary knowledge to improve their credit. However, it didn’t end well for Ivonne. Due to conflict of interest, she was reprimanded by her superiors and forced to decide between stopping the seminars to keep her job or leaving the company. Faced with this, she took the road less traveled. She left her career and founded La Reyna Del Credito to freely pursue assisting people in financial planning. 

Today, the company she built is sought-after by many professionals, especially the Latin community. She motivates herself every day to elevate the financial status of Latinos so they can have a worry-free life once they retire. She continues to broadcast her systematic credit program through various channels namely Telemundo and Univision. To gain better reach, she also has educational programs advertised on Radio Inspiracion, Radio Nueva Vida, Klove, and other networks with Entravision Communications and Lieberman Broadcasting. 

With over 18 years of financial background, Ivonne Arvizu is a veteran in the credit industry. For more information about her services, visit her website today. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

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