Sandra Possing, the Unconventional Life Coach Determined To Help You Live Your Life on Your Own Terms

A rising star in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sandra Possing, is here to transform your life. A free spirit at heart, Sandra believes in mastering our minds and learning how to co-create with the universe.

With over two decades worth of extensive research and expertise in the personal development space, Sandra has made it her life’s mission to help people reach their full potential. She understands the dull ache of untapped potential and how painful it can be when you know that you are holding back, playing small, and dimming your light.

After recognizing early on that she had fallen into people pleasing, perfectionism, and other unhelpful tendencies and working through those challenges with determination, Sandra knows first hand what it feels like to reject your own truth, ignore your inner wisdom, and instead focus on other people’s perceptions of you. She understands how easily we lose touch with our own authenticity after years of family conditioning, societal expectations, and the influence of media and peers.

Sandra’s calling became clear when she stumbled upon the coaching world, and life coaching in particular. “You mean I get to have deep and meaningful conversations all day with growth-oriented humans? And help them own who they are and create extraordinary lives they love? Yes please!” she thought back then. She created a business in 2012 that to this day is an expression of who she is and allows her to be herself unapologetically, and live her life as an example of what’s possible when you commit to authenticity and alignment. 

Her name quite literally means, “helper of mankind,” so becoming a life coach felt like coming home to her true self in so many ways. She believes that being true to yourself is the biggest act of kindness you can do for yourself and that you can absolutely manifest your dream life if you truly desire to and are willing to do both the inner and outer work.

Sandra did her coach and leadership training at the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), and became a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Now, she has been running her location independent business for the last 10 years from her laptop from 15+ different countries as a digital nomad, because honoring their passion for travel was a priority that she and her husband committed to early on. She has helped hundreds of clients create new levels of success and happiness in their lives and work, and can’t wait to reach more people through her upcoming personal development podcast.

Whether it be through her high-end one-on-one coaching, group programs, or online courses, Sandra’s practical tools and playful wisdom help her clients and audience transform their lives from the inside out. In her social media presence, you can feel her warm and quirky personality.

Among other things, Sandra loves helping people uncover their passions and purpose, achieve career success that is meaningful to them, tap into more pleasure and playfulness in their lives, cultivate community and deepen their relationships, communicate effectively and powerfully, and show up authentically.  

Her coaching and thought leadership is a welcome breath of fresh air for folks who feel frustrated or unsatisfied and are eager to create more success, but do so on their own terms. Sandra is a great catalyst for those who are ready to tap into more authenticity and aliveness. She believes that that’s what the world needs: more people who have come alive, as Howard Thurman famously said. And in Sandra’s own words, as she would surely whisper in your ears right now, “The world needs you.”


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