Riggs Eckelberry, CEO of OriginClear, on a Mission to Solve the Water Crisis in America and Beyond

Riggs Eckelberry, CEO of OriginClear (OTC Pink: OCLN), is on a mission to educate the world on the importance of water. Not talked about as much oil or gold, he believes we need to stop thinking that water is an endless resource and realize how important a staple it is in our lives that we simply cannot be without it. In the past years we have seen flooding in New York, hail in Florida, and floodwater evacuations in Missouri, making it appear as if water is everywhere. But the truth is that America in on the verge of a water crisis brought on by climate change. As the water supply decreases due to higher temperatures, the demand only increases with an uptick in population. This makes the work that Eckelberry and his team at OriginClear are doing essential by helping companies properly and effectively recycle the water they use locally.

Eckelberry, who always had a thirst for new ventures, launched this venture as the CEO of a company that would be commercializing algae for biofuels. That company would eventually become OriginClear, now a Florida-based company with roots in Texas, when Eckelberry and his team discovered that the process for removing algae from water could also be useful for the removal of waste. Now a 14-year-old company, OriginClear has a mission to help businesses seamlessly transition to take over their own individual water treatment initiatives. Their new outsourcing program will feature a line of prefabricated modular systems that allows clients to pay for water by the gallon, rather than paying for the entire machine. This is because Eckelberry has recognized a problem with water infrastructure and the pollution that is only increasing. “…if we came anywhere close to treating 100% of our dirty water, how much cleaner would life and things be? How much less illness would there be? There’s more people that die from bad water than war”, Eckelberry explains. He, alongside the OriginClear team, are dedicated to both providing clean water initiatives and providing people with access that they may not have previously had. That is why they are taking a more individualized approach when it comes to solutions.

Eckelberry makes note that it will take more than one company alone to completely change the industry, but that change must start from somewhere. As the outsourcing program expands, OriginClear plans to offer to other water companies that they start taking over projects. OriginClear expects this will help develop a network of strategic partners throughout the industry. Eckelberry also recognizes the importance of building strong client relationships, which is the quick expansion of their Texas operation makes clear. “You have to move on beyond just designing and building systems. You have to connect with the people you serve”, Eckelberry explains. OriginClear plans on creating and maintaining a continuous relationship with the clients it serves.

Eckelberry goes on: “I believe we need to go into a full managed service relationship with customers. Total Outsourced Water™ has become the slogan of our company because are moving from building these systems to operating them”. One step beyond that, OriginClear’s plan to have clients pay by the gallon could enable the company to build a backbone of long-term customers. With no upfront fees, the model is a subscription-style service similar to software plans. Eckelberry recognizes that this can only work if client relationships are paramount throughout the company, and he insists on a culture of high service to customers, creating years of recurring revenues for the company.

Eckelberry is looking forward to the continued growth and expansion of OriginClear, eventually hoping to bring clean water systems overseas. In the US and internationally, it is clear to him that central water systems will not be able to solve the growing water crisis. But if industries had the capability to treat their own water, then solves the current water situation, because not only would they potentially save money, but the load on the municipalities would be much reduced.

“Our pilot of offering fully outsourced water projects to smaller local businesses is relatively new,” he explains, saying that until now, outsourced water treatment has been reserved to very large projects. By implementing OriginClear’s modular systems on a subscription basis, Eckelberry hopes to build an asset base that could help the company achieve a NASDAQ listing which would further open up capital to build even more outsourced water projects, delivering ever-greater recurring revenues in an upward spiral.

Building on the growth it is already seeing, OriginClear is making waves in the water technology industry and will continue to push the boundaries when it comes to innovative solutions. As Riggs Eckelberry puts it, “OriginClear is Water Company 2.0”.

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