Revive Sports Inc. Announced New Revitalize Sports Hemp Recovery Drinks

West Virginian businessman Jamie Humphrey, who was featured in 2013 Who’s Who in Business in WV, Under the Rising Stars column in Entrepreneur Magazine, is one of the top 10 hottest entrepreneurs under the age of 30, among other great achievements. His three children are following in his footsteps by launching their very own beverage company, Revive Sports Inc.

Revive Sports Inc. announced immediate availability of Revitalize Sports Hemp Recovery Drinks. These 12oz sports drinks currently come in two flavors, lightning lemon and blue bolt. Both drinks are filled with 20mg CBD, contain low calories, consist of zero sugar, and are THC free. Revitalize Sports drinks are filled with all the vitamins and electrolytes to help keep consumers hydrated, as well as non-psychoactive CBD that helps the body to recover from daily activities.

“I am very proud of my children,” said Jamie Humphrey.

About Revive Sports Inc.

Revive Sports Inc. is a diversified new age CBD and vitamin company. Revive Sports was created to produce Revitalize Sports Hemp Recovery drinks, along with state-of-the-art low-cost packaging machines that manufacture vitamin gel pouches and hand sanitizer gel pouches.

The Company Story

The story began when the creator started in business when he was 19 years old. He developed a bottled water called “H30 Sport.”

Fast forward a few decades down the road, and a few children later, the creator’s daughter and two sons sparked up a conversation with him about CBD and filled him in on this new age product. Together, they developed Revitalize Sports—a 20mg CBD, zero sugar, low calorie, 12 oz sports drink that tastes great and is THC free.

The team sent their Revitalize Sports Hemp Recovery drink to multiple collegiate athletes and the feedback they received was immaculate. One of the responses stated, “Hey, I just had a massive leg workout yesterday and I was extremely sore, but I drank your drink and woke up today feeling great!”

Their products were made for everyone – whether you are an athlete or someone simply looking to live a healthier lifestyle, Revitalize Sports is here to help.

Revitalize Sports Availability

Revitalize Sports Hemp Recovery Drinks are available for purchase through their company’s ecommerce website The company also began to roll out statewide distribution to retail stores across WV, with further states in the works. Visit the company’s Instagram page to stay up to date on product information and launches – Instagram: @revitalize.sports

Contact Information:

Revive Sports Inc.

Mersaydes Humphrey, CEO


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