Professional Women Learning to Balance Work and Home Life at the WIFE Boss Academy with Maxine L. Johnson

The CEO and Founder of WIFE Boss Academy, Maxine L. Johnson, is helping women looking to build a balance between their professional and home lives.

Helping Women Better Understand Who They Are

Johnson founded WIFE Boss Academy based on her own experience balancing leadership roles professionally and as a pastor with her home life as a wife and mother. Talking with other women in similar situations, she realized how widespread the struggle to find this balance can be.

Today, Johnson is the CEO and Founder of WIFE Boss Academy, providing professional life coaching for women, along with taking on speaking roles across the country. Her work addresses the challenges that professional women face when trying to have both a successful career and a happy home life. “I coach professional women who are not fulfilled in their careers and realize there is purpose beyond their profession.”

Growing With Guidance From the WIFE Boss Academy

At the WIFE Boss Academy, women enroll in a course called The Influential Female, focused on helping women in leadership positions growing and working through the challenges they face in their personal and romantic lives.

The course is highly introspective, encouraging the women involved to take a closer look at themselves, what their goals are and what the path forward may be. Johnson believes that women need to develop a fuller understanding of themselves if they’re going to determine what they want and how to move towards those goals.

The modules of the course give women the framework they need to know both where they are in life and where they’re headed. Through the WIFE Boss Academy, women in leadership roles are taking a closer look at what it is they really want and the steps they’re going to take to get it.

Women Leaders Learning From One Another

Working through the modules and defining their own personal goals, and looking at their individual situations helps women better understand themselves. The most powerful part of The Influential Female is the coaching group sessions that allow women to learn from one another.

Johnson guides these sessions, directing the women to share their own experiences and struggles so that everyone can benefit and grow together. This dynamic coaching approach is highly effective with the women leaders, letting them build on the shared experiences of others to help achieve their goals.

While it is the WIFE Boss Academy, many who attend aren’t actually married. The group sessions include women from many different backgrounds. Some are currently married and have made significant progress balancing their professional and home lives, while others are still struggling. There are women who are engaged, in relationships, or those who are trying to work through the issues they believe are keeping them from a successful relationship.

With such a wide array of experiences to draw from and the careful guidance of The Influential Female program, those who attend WIFE Boss Academy see marked improvements in their understanding of themselves, their goals, and their path forward.

In addition to the group sessions, Maxine L. Johnson also provides one-on-one life coaching through the WIFE Boss Academy. This is particularly helpful for women going through various types of transitions in their lives and looking for guidance in finding the next steps.

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