Premier Virtual and the Top Technologies Used at Recruitment Fairs

Whether they are virtual, in-person, or hybrid events, recruitment fairs remain important opportunities to connect with top candidates and begin the hiring process. At in-person job fairs, the jobs and candidates were lower level positions. Virtual events though open up to a wider pool of companies and candidates. With many people in the workforce looking to change careers (even industries), as well as employees returning to work after being laid off during the pandemic, recruiting is more important than ever before.

However, these events often present unique challenges to businesses and recruiters. How can they ensure they are capturing the attention of the best prospective candidates – and how can they streamline the process when meeting hundreds of people at a single event?

With new technology, companies can make the recruiting process much easier, generating interest in their business and reaching their ideal candidates faster. For organizations that are planning recruitment fairs in the next year, these pieces of technology are essential.

QR Codes

As restrictions have eased and in-person events have returned, there is a renewed sense of excitement for in-person and hybrid job fairs. Having the ability to speak directly with interested candidates, in-person and in real-time, is a significant advantage for the hiring company. But once you set up your booth at the recruitment fair, one of the key challenges is getting noticed.

This is where QR codes can be most effective. Displaying a QR code prominently near your booth is an attractive way to gain attention in a crowded event. By scanning the QR code with their smartphone, interested job seekers can view the company’s information, discover new job opportunities, and even apply directly from their phones. Once they have scanned the QR code, job seekers will be accessible by the recruiter or company, immediately opening the door to communication and facilitating a first meeting. This saves time at an in-person event.

Live Chat

Whether they are attending a virtual job fair or an in-person hiring event, job seekers increasingly rely on mobile technology – especially when it comes to the initial contact. Companies that leverage this preference have a better opportunity to connect with a wide range of candidates, increasing the likelihood of finding the right match.

At Premier Virtual, their Virtual Recruitment Suite offers live chat functionality, enabling companies and job seekers to communicate in real time using live text and video chat. Here, candidates can ask questions about open positions and learn more about the company vision – while the hiring manager can gauge interest, even inviting the candidate to deliver a video resume or on-the-spot interview.

Using live chat/video and mobile functions is a great way for companies to speed up the hiring process while giving job seekers the chance to connect in their preferred method.


While engaging with candidates is a critical part of any successful recruitment fair, it means little if companies lack a strategic way to track and measure data. That is why the Virtual Recruitment Suite is one of the most trusted recruitment platforms in the industry, delivering real-time data and advanced analytics that enable hiring managers to make the right decision, every time.

Gone are the days of trying to manage and organize hundreds of paper resumes. Now, job seekers can submit video resumes and introductions, making it easier for companies to quickly assess a candidate for fit and significantly speeding the hiring process.

As employees search for new opportunities in the workplace, companies can stand apart by using these key pieces of technology at their next recruitment fair. By leveraging the power of recruiting software from Premier Virtual, businesses will discover that it has never been easier to find and hire the right people.

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