Planting the Oak Tree: Jim Tucker of Tucker Bria Wealth Strategies on Family Tradition, History, and Legacy

It has been nearly a century since Jim Tucker’s grandfather and siblings started a family tradition that continues to resonate today. For the co-founder of Tucker Bria Wealth Strategies, what began among seven brothers and sisters in 1930s Pittsburgh, PA, whose parents immigrated from Ukraine, is now being enjoyed by family members around the world—and it is something that Tucker believes can teach other families about the benefits of thinking beyond their lives.

For Tucker, it’s called Cousin’s Club.

Started in Pittsburgh as a way for Tucker’s grandfather and extended family to stay in touch, Cousin’s Club has grown into the fifth generation.  With the advent of social media, it allows family members to connect regardless of where they currently live.

“We are a much more mobile society than we were in the 1930s,” Tucker says. “But with Facebook, we have a way for all of the cousins to stay in touch.”

In a world in which families are often spread out across continents, Tucker stresses the importance of family and connection. By leveraging social media, Cousin’s Club remains active and thriving more than 90 years after it was originally launched. And it has led to unexpected benefits.

“This past summer, my son had a college internship in Atlanta.  He connected with a cousin who was going to Emory University and staying in Atlanta for the summer,” Tucker says. “They floated down the Chattahoochee, went to Braves games together, and created a family connection unlikely without Cousins Club.”

“The way I think about it, not only did my son meet a cousin, but also he jumped a branch of the family tree—he met a fourth-generation cousin descended from a sister of my grandfather.”  For Tucker, a family tradition like Cousin’s Club is about more than joining a Facebook group and staying in touch with family members. The entire concept provides a message about the impact his clients can have on future generations.

And for an experienced wealth advisor, this is the discussion Tucker often has with his clients. Not necessarily about wealth, but about impact.

“It is all part of the equation,” Tucker says. “It’s the sort of legacy that you want to leave, which is not necessarily what you want your money to do for you, but what you want your family to become or what impact you wish to have for the greater good beyond your lifetime.”

Tucker grew up believing that all families had some version of a Cousin’s Club. It was only after he began talking about it with friends that he realized how unique his situation truly was.

“I remember when I was in elementary school, and someone asked me what I was doing for the weekend,” Tucker says. “I said I was going to my Cousin’s Club picnic, and they looked at me like, what on earth is that?”

Today, Tucker believes that for anyone wanting to cement their family history and build a lasting bond that has the potential to span generations, starting a Cousin’s Club is a great place to begin. Pittsburgh-based family members still meet on the first Sunday of the month, and family members across the country share updates on their Facebook group.

And the best part is, what began from a single generation has sent ripples out through nearly a century of family members, connecting Tucker’s family to its past—and their future.

“You plant the oak tree, and you may not see it grow,” Tucker says. “But others will enjoy the benefits of what you started.”


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