Parker Egerton: Master Trainer “Parker Physique” Hits Close to Ten Years of Topping the Fitness Industry

After hitting nearly a decade in the fitness world, Parker Egerton has helped over 8,000 clients across the globe take a step closer to their body and fitness goals. With over 524,000 followers on Instagram, the leading online fitness trainer has become a force to be reckoned with. Still, this milestone is only the beginning of his grander vision for the fitness industry. Today, he is about to mark his first decade in the industry, and he continues to move forward, bringing more clients towards their version of success. 

Parker Egerton, also known as Parker Physique, is one of the top global fitness trainers who has successfully guided thousands of people in their fitness journey. As a rising personality in the fitness and entertainment world, he has appeared in multiple TV shows, including Investigation Discovery’s “To Catch A Predator,” “Happily Never After,” “I Married a Mobster,” “Ice Cold Killers,” and “The Perfect Murder.” He has graced national commercials for famous brands, and he has also been featured multiple times on the cover of publications such as Iron Man Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Magazine, Inside Fitness Magazine, and TRAIN Magazine. 

Parker Physique began his journey in the fitness arena as a personal trainer for Gold’s Gym, later on, called OneLife Fitness. Like all other fitness trainers, he had to build his client base from scratch. Soon, the number of clients demanding his services skyrocketed. Eventually, he landed a promotion as the company’s assistant fitness director while still training a handful of his clients. After reflecting on the impact he was bringing to the company, Parker Egerton realized he wanted something bigger and better for himself. He knew that if he took a leap of faith, coupled with hard work and motivation, he had the potential of becoming successful. 

To bring his vision into reality, he started freelance training at the Houze of Champions in Virginia Beach. As his bookings continued to increase, Parker Egerton turned to social media and gained even more clients through his website. Later on, he found himself signing up at least 20 clients in a day, getting booked 24/7. Fast forward eight years later, he has amassed more than 524,000 followers and served 8,000 clients while making over $1,000,000 from his success in online fitness training. 

Unlike other fitness trainers, Parker Physique deeply believes that no two clients are the same. The world-class trainer places heavy emphasis on each client’s differing needs and goals, allowing him to come up with personalized programs that are specially designed to achieve each client’s unique fitness checklist. Parker Egerton takes a very hands-on approach in his coaching services, from breaking down macronutrients for clients down to deciding portion sizes, meal times, and food selections for them. 

Top on Parker’s priority list is working side by side with his clients. For nearly ten years in the fitness arena, this approach has never failed him. While many online fitness coaches prefer employing a team of assistant coaches to take care of their clients, he takes on the opposite direction. For Parker Physique, there is nothing better than personally overseeing the efforts and progress of his clients. After all, this is the best way for him to guide them in their journey towards a life-changing fitness transformation. 

To know more about Parker Physique and his training services, please visit his official website.

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