Ondre Gipson aka Drizz Gives People from All Walks of Life a Theme to Identify with through True Hustler Entertainment

People from all walks of life have one thing in common – hustle, simply described as “putting in the work.” Ondre Gipson, aka Drizz, forged his work path by creating a platform that brings different people together to collaborate, have fun, share ideas and ideologies and enjoy one another’s growth. He established True Hustler Entertainment and began to throw parties when he was still in college. He became known as one of the best party organizers around, and he used the popularity to propel the launch of a merchandise line. Drizz began to make t-shirts to promote his events and sell those t-shirts from the trunk of his car. It became an instant hit as people wanted to attend his parties wearing the merchandise created for the party. It gave them a sense of belonging, which Drizz leveraged.

From t-shirts, he started to create hoodies, sweatsuits, and other apparel, which made him launch a full-fledged clothing brand as a subsidiary of True Hustler Entertainment. The brand has now become an entertainment and luxury streetwear brand that everyone wants to identify with. It gives people a sense of identity and approval regardless of status. The rich and poor all have a common characteristic of being “hustlers,” and True Hustler Entertainment brings them together under one umbrella.

Describing what the brand represents, “I like to think everyone has a story to tell, and True Hustler Entertainment helps tell that story. No one gets anything without working for it. Everyone can relate to the struggle in one way or the other. Our apparel sends a message that the work and grind never stops, which is why our customers identify with our brand,” Ondre explains. True Hustler Entertainment gives people something to hold on to while serving as a melting pot for everyone from different walks of life. The apparel has been spotted at sports events, corporate board rooms, the trenches and projects, and many other places where people have a winning mentality. “TH,” which stands for True Hustle, is inscribed on every piece of merchandise, is the unique identifier that everyone who wears the brand’s apparel shares.

Ondre’s goal is to create a brand that people see as a sign of respect across all industries and walks of life. The brand is diverse and has marked its presence across all industries. Drizz currently has his sights set on the home and living space through the “Kiss The Chef” brand, which will sell things like air fryers, pots, knife sets, pan sets, etc. True Hustler Entertainment has created a strong brand identity that has enabled the creation of more subsidiary brands that customers have grown to love. Drizz’s motivation to build True Hustler Entertainment was borne out of his close association with respectable entrepreneurs. He dreamt of building something like they did, and he put in the work to make it happen.

His five-year goal is to grow into a global brand. Drizz also plans to step down from the CEO position to take on an advisory role with the company to allow him pursue other ventures like real estate and franchise investments. Building True Hustler from scratch three years ago remains the biggest thing Drizz has done, and with the achievements of those three years, he wants to show as many people as possible that it is possible to dream and bring their dreams to life.

Learn more about Drizz and True Hustler Entertainment on the official website.