NOW Answer Group LLC Placing Mentorship and Business Coaching on a Pedestal for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Running a business takes a full-time dedication that involves well-developed and thought-out strategies. Unfortunately, many business owners lack in one capacity or the other to fully blossom as business owners and could use some guidance and mentorship. Entrepreneur, business mentor, consultant and coach, Charity Brown offers this mentorship and empowerment to business owners so they can be successful in their business and contribute to their communities positively. Charity Brown offers her mentorship services through her company, NOW Answer Group LLC.

The mentorship offerings at NOW Answer Group LLC covers empowerment and provision of business tools to enable entrepreneurs to run their businesses more effectively and discharge their duties as CEOs. As a business coach with over 20 years of experience in running businesses in different niches, she has discovered the key element that makes businesses thrive, and the owners become valuable contributors to the world. She hosts a podcast show titled Create Clarity with Charity, where she teaches all the strategies that entrepreneurs need for success. She also has a book out to teach these strategies titled “Create Clarity with Charity: Discover A Proven Process to Stand in Your Power, Beat the Odds and Get the Keys to Your Dream Future.” Get the book on Amazon.

Her profound experience in the business world has shown her the clear paths to business success. She strongly believes that genuine success only happens through inner growth, and if the right mindset and mental preparations are not in place, success might be out of reach. Charity’s organization, Charity with Clarity, makes the growth process for entrepreneurs and corporate leaders easier and more straightforward.

Under the NOW Answer Group LLC, there is a rich suite of programs for entrepreneurs and business leaders, which include The Happy CEO, an eight-week program that teaches financial branding and publishing programs. There is also a five-week version of the program that focuses on financial lessons only. Other programs on offer are the 5-star Accelerator program for young entrepreneurs, the Zen Zone Funnel Inner Fitness, the Inner Fitness Coaching, the Honey Matrix Accelerator and the Inner Fitness Coaching.

NOW Answer Group LLC targets business owners, entrepreneurs, agency owners, coaches, solopreneurs, restaurant owners, professional service providers and a host of other businesses.

In a few years, Charity Brown sees NOW Answer Group LLC becoming a multi 7-figure e-learning hybrid global business consulting and coaching practice. The future goals also include offering live events, retreats and mindset tools. “I hope to show as many entrepreneurs as possible that there are mentors and coaches committed to getting them on the path of business success. Figuring out solutions to business problems does not have to take thousands of hours, but we help our clients find solutions within the shortest possible timeframes,” Charity said.

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