National Adhesive: Adhesive and Sealant Powerhouse Helping Clients Make the Right Choice

Adhesive, sealants, and tapes have grown in popularity over the years mainly due to their significant purpose in numerous industries such as paper and packaging, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and DIY. Their versatility, price, and certain advantages over other binding techniques such as sewing, mechanical fastenings, or welding have fostered demand by a considerable amount. Today, consumers have hundreds of adhesives, sealants, and tapes to choose from that often become confusing. To this end,  National Adhesive aims to provide clients with enough information, explanation, and guidance so they can accomplish their ultimate goals through the power of adhesives and sealants.

National Adhesive is unlike any other adhesive company in the world. The company was established out of the strategic decision to help contractors and DIYers get the job done right the first time. Although relatively new and rising through the ranks in the North American adhesive market, the company is backed by its 25 years trail of excellence in the South African market as the leading producer of caulks, sealants, and adhesives—GlueDevil now rebranded as GlueAngel. The company is capitalizing on its debut success at the 2019 AAPEX Trade Show to expand its frontiers into the North American market and change the adhesive narrative for its prospective clients.

One of the company’s most successful launches, GlueAngel, is the DIYers range of choice in 17 countries and is backed with 25 years of GlueDevil’s international experience. Now available on the North American market, the Glue Angel is a delicate choice solely designed for arts and crafts. Another product of National Adhesives that is currently a favorite among contractors is the roofing tape appropriately named Thicc. At only 12mils thick, this green heavy-duty tape meets the AAMA 711-20 certification requirement for sealing seams, decks, roofs, windows, and doors against extreme weather conditions. It’s easy to use, strong, and lightweight enough not to get in the way; and this has made it a favorite in every construction toolkit. 

Additionally, the company also launched an economy-sized brand called Eish, made accessible to regular consumers. Although much smaller, Eish is made from the same high-quality material and promises excellent delivery at a more affordable price. As a company in tune with its consumer base, National Adhesive understands that the wide range of selection can often become confusing to the average customer. 

To take care of the guesswork and provide clients with adequate information to make the right decision, they offer a platform where clients can get dependable guides and understand the requirements of the project they are undertaking. As a result, clients can quickly learn about the product that matches the level of their expertise. “Everything  we  do  revolves  around  that  one  statement  and questions  we  ask.  How  do  we  make  it  easier  for  our  customers  and  easier  to provide  that  level  and  service  to  our  customers?  We  are  not  an  adhesive company, we are  a  marketing  and  customer  focus  company  providing  a solution  to  consumers in the adhesive and sealant market,” the company shared in a statement.

To learn more about National Adhesive, their products and their interactive consumer platform, visit the official website. 


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