Miss Brooke Harlan Dedicates Her Life’s Work Towards Helping Incarcerated Individuals

Incarceration is a tough pill to swallow, and the broken justice system hasn’t helped the case of individuals who are wrongly given unfair sentences. Miss Brooke Harlan has taken it upon herself to devote her life to helping individuals who have gone astray and landed in jail due to poverty, desperation, and many other reasons. To help them get back on track, she has established BROOKE’s Bail Bonding, a Nashville, Tennessee-based company with a mission to help get people out of jail and make sure that they don’t go back by transforming their lives for the better. 

BROOKE’s Bail Bonding has quickly gained prominence for performing its duties with sheer precision and dedication from its team of experts. The company has accomplished its goals by coming up with effective measures and strategies for its many clients. “Some of our preventative measures are shown through the peer support services we offer, as well as certified life coaching sessions, and offering creative solutions to generational problems our community members suffer from,” shared Miss Brooke Harlan.

The esteemed entrepreneur is fully dedicated to her company’s mission. BROOKE’s Bail Bonding shows full support to its clients without any downtime, accepting calls 24/7 rather than a typical 9 to 5 work schedule. The company is fully aware that a person can be thrown into jail at any time, which is why Miss Brooke has set her company up in such a way that they can serve clients at any time of the day. 

Furthermore, BROOKE’s Bail Bonding’s expert bail agents are certified life coaches that go above and beyond to provide support and resources to clients who are in need. Miss Brooke Harlan herself has also proven that she is a strong advocate for the bail industry through her individual efforts. She has devoted her time and energy to raising awareness of the social injustices her clients faced by the broken justice system.

The visionary entrepreneur lends her voice to the voiceless, sharing their stories and calling for a plan of action to fix the broken system and change the world for the better. “I was initially motivated by my grandparents and by my parents because they also owned and operated bail bond businesses; however, my motivation to keep going quickly came from the success I have seen in so many clients over the last 20+ years,” explained Miss Brooke Harlan.

“We, as a team, have done so much good for our communities, the state of Tennessee, and for one another that I can’t imagine waking up each day and doing anything different. I absolutely love what I do, and I love being a source of change within a system that can feel so broken at times,” she added.

People who have suffered through the broken justice system can look to Miss Brooke Harlan for inspiration. Throughout her entire career, she has shed light on these injustices and helped countless people get their lives back on track. In the near future, she hopes to scale BROOKE’s Bail Bonding to greater heights, so it can help more people on a much larger scale.

Miss Brooke Harlan hopes to continue her advocacy and help more people through her life’s work. “We as a society need to be more careful about the judgments we pass onto those who have been severely disadvantaged and don’t have many resources to change. That is why our Brooke’s Bonding team is here,” shared the visionary entrepreneur.

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