Merritt Fletcher: Model-Turned-Entrepreneur Unveils Global Utility App “Meet”

After working as a top model for famous brands such as Chanel, Tiffany’s, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Missoni, Hugo Boss, Pantene, and more, Merritt Fletcher saw the need for a platform where professionals can safely interact with their clients or fans at any time and anywhere. This realization eventually led her to explore her passion in the world of mobile technology, where she has secured ten patents and established multiple applications, including a platform that provides another way to find and sell services online. 

Merritt Fletcher is a former professional model, entrepreneur, and founder of the mobile applications MeetGreet and Weple. Today, she has unveiled yet another milestone in the web industry as she launches her latest app, Meet. The application serves as a platform for professionals and specialists of all kinds to provide their services. Users can quickly browse through the categories to find what they are looking for through its easy-to-use mobile interface. From counseling services to dog training, the application is home to a wide range of specialists offering all kinds of services, including influencers, musicians, actors and models, among others.

Meet is one of the first mobile applications in the market, providing a unique teleconference function that allows all its users to get paid for their video chat durations. Merritt Fletcher prides herself on the fact that the application has opened up various passive revenue streams to professionals during these struggling times by simply approving meet requests. On top of this, the application allows professionals to name their own price down to the minute. 

Even as a model, Merritt Fletcher has always been passionate about technology. “I have been writing and building tech platforms for as long as I can remember,” says the established tech influencer. “Tech has always been my passion. Essentially, I am a problem solver, and I know what people need and want before they do,” explains the app founder as she recalls what motivated her to build her brand. Meet was the solution she formulated for a recurring challenge in the modeling industry. She continues to say, “I had a lot of friends who were doing multiple things like styling, hair and makeup, photography, music, fitness, nutrition, or meditation, in addition to modeling. They needed a platform where they could easily schedule services remotely, book their time, or do meet and greets with fans. So I built Meet and Meetgreet.”

Overall, Meet has helped models, freelancers, therapists, medical professionals, fitness experts, coaches, designers, and many more provide remote services to those in need. As for clients looking for assistance, they can finally avail themselves of the services they need for as long as they want, escaping the conventional yet unnecessary hourly billings. 

In the future, Merritt Fletcher hopes for Meet to continue being at the forefront of corporate giving and sharing. With the impact the app has brought to the industry, it is no doubt on its way to becoming a leader in remote work and mobile technology. At present, the company is working on a partnership program that will not only expand the reach of the application but also help its user grow and move closer to success. 

To know more about Merritt Fletcher and her newly-launched app, Meet, please visit its official website.

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