Keeping With The Rising Tech Tide: How Tech Strategist Marco Coffen Helps Enterprises Sail Towards Sustainable Innovation

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Over the past two years, innovation in the technology industry has grown at a breakneck pace, evident with the recent rise of new artificial intelligence use cases and more individuals partaking in cryptocurrency trading day by day. This continued growth was driven by necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic as all over the globe, companies, employees, and businesses in all sectors have had to adapt their operations to rely more on technology and the internet. This sudden widespread shift to digital created a wide space for awe-inspiring innovations to take place and a platform for imaginative and disruptive technologies to rise, such as cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence. Understandably, companies and entrepreneurs may find it challenging to keep up with these trends that enable them to evolve and expand their businesses. Tech strategist and real estate expert, Marco Coffen, understands these problems well and has dedicated his career to finding long-term solutions for companies to grow better.

A native Australian from the Sydney suburbs, Coffen currently resides in Dubai with his wife and four children. He actively nurtures a deep interest in the industry he is a part of, keeping himself updated with the latest technological developments in various tech spaces – ranging from cyber security and data privacy to cryptocurrency and real estate development. Notably, he is also keen on staying on top of developments involving artificial intelligence and its highly-valuable applications, with this technology expected to have even greater impacts on the automotive, computing, marketing and robotics sectors.

Coffen fervently believes that “most companies have the same structures and face the same challenges no matter the endeavor,” and it is this belief that governs his approach in working to provide solutions for his varied clientele of enterprises facing challenges in their innovation and growth strategies – understanding that to help them transform, he must commit to educating himself as much as he can on the contexts of the projects to clearly identify the underlying problems that have led to difficulties. Coffen can then assemble teams of experts best equipped to help the enterprises out of their growth slump or stagnation. 

“Digital transformation is crucial to companies in every space,” he expressed.

Along with strategizing with clients, Coffen also maintains a blog where he expresses his thoughts on the latest news and developments within the industry, providing a great resource for those who would like to further educate themselves on the topics he discusses. Moreover, it also includes prudent advice and good practices that entrepreneurs can appreciate and use to improve their personal and professional lives.

As individuals, businesses, and communities strengthen and innovate in a post-pandemic world, it is clear that growth in the technology industry only continues to gain more and more momentum, consequently creating a tide that lifts all boats. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to take advantage of the looming tech revolution and prepare to raise the sails of their vessels for the launch of exciting technological explorations ahead. There is little more that can provide this advantage than with the direction of seasoned experts, such as the likes of Marco Coffen

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