Kimberly Cloud Pays Success Forward by Providing Career Opportunities to Community

There’s an age-old saying: give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Serial entrepreneur Kimberly Cloud has upheld this idea. With the success of her multiple business ventures, she wants nothing more than to build her community by providing opportunities, especially to the marginalized sector. Kimberly aims to help people from all walks of life and equip them with the necessary skills to feel confident in themselves.

Kimberly Cloud is the visionary mind behind three thriving businesses–Blue Cloud Cleaning Company, Wigs for Success Inc., and Genuinely Michelle Wigs. All three of her business ventures are geared towards building the community and beyond. “I just want to help one person at a time,” Kimberly said. Since opening her businesses, Kimberly has provided opportunities to physically-challenged individuals, people who suffer from mental health, veterans, and many others who may not be someone’s first choice for the workforce. The entrepreneur believes that giving people career opportunities is one of the best forms of empowerment and is a crucial tool to uplift entire communities.

Blue Cloud Cleaning Company is a professional cleaning service business that serves both residential and commercial properties. The services include full office cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, spot cleaning, dusting, COVID-19 disinfection, and so much more. Blue Cloud Cleaning Company is known for its attention to detail. The team is home to many seasoned and passionate cleaners who all proudly carry the company’s mission to provide the most thorough cleaning for their clients.

On the other hand, Wigs for Success Inc. has played a vital role in empowering workers from all races and genders. Kimberly Cloud wanted the business to be a melting pot for people who love to channel their creativity through hair. The charitable organization has provided educational assistance, jobs, and more. Wigs for Success is also continually giving back to its community by hosting various charitable events in Santa Maria, CA.

Asked why she built Wigs for Success Inc., Kimberly Cloud shared that the company is dedicated to helping women and lifting them from poverty. “It’s all about making people feel great about themselves while helping young poverty-stricken women feel empowered and able to take on the world,” shared the entrepreneur. 

Meanwhile, Genuinely Michelle Wigs is temporarily closed as Kimberly Cloud is focusing on creating a new merchandise line for the business. While her new collection is in the works, the entrepreneur shared that Genuinely Michelle Wigs is still serving the community by scouting talents who are looking to learn new techniques in the wig industry and take part in a productive community Kimberly is spearheading.

On top of managing her businesses, Kimberly Cloud is also an ambassador at Allan Hancock College and the Chamber of Commerce in Santa Maria, CA. She is also a producer at the Santa Maria community tv network and the Santa Barbara tv network, where she airs the Kimberly Cloud Show.

Furthermore, Kimberly Cloud announced that she would be hosting an expo for Blue Cloud Cleaning Company to further amplify her business’ mission and provide more jobs for people during the event.

Unrelentlessly doing her share to empower her community, Kimberly Cloud is indeed one to follow. She is setting the bar higher for other entrepreneurs to shift their focus from merely making a profit to building a community where people are given opportunities to dream.

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