Kevin T. DeWitt on Changing the Narrative for African-Americans in Theater, TV, and Film

People say it’s the journey that makes a man. For actor Kevin T. DeWitt, his experiences and exposure to some of the world’s most celebrated cities and cultures molded him into the artist he is today. Currently working on the sequel of the American classic film Coming to America alongside Hollywood’s brightest stars, Kevin proves that the world is indeed his oyster.

From the quaint cities of New England, Kevin T. DeWitt discovered his passion for the arts at an early age. At first, his love manifested through music. Eventually, the fire inside him found a home in acting. Having a vision of where he wants to be with his talent, Kevin decided to trade the scenic views of Berkshire County, Massachusetts, for the dynamics of Brooklyn, New York, one of the most vibrant communities in the country and known for how it embraced artists of all kinds.

However, Kevin T. DeWitt’s journey did not stop there. Always one for adventure, the actor relocated to Atlanta when the world got a better view of the South because of the 1996 Olympics. Today, Kevin embodies the perfect balance for possessing the guts of a Northerner and the irresistible Southern charm. 

Asked what motivated him to enter the world of acting, Kevin T. DeWitt shared that he wanted to shatter stereotypes built around African-Americans and their culture. The actor feels an immense responsibility of sharing the truth about their culture and their narrative from the point of view of someone who’s experienced it firsthand. “Watching stories being told like this sparked the flame for me to go out and change the perception and the narrative for African-Americans in film and television,” said Kevin. 

Since then, Kevin T. DeWitt has been expressing himself and his passion through any medium he had the opportunity of working with. Be it on theater, television, or film, Kevin portrays skill, work ethic, and professionalism, making him a force not only in Atlanta but across the country. The actor is recently working on the film Coming 2 America, with entertainment industry legends Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall. 

Kevin T. DeWitt considers it a blessing to be working with some of the best writers and directors in the industry today, some of whom have been part of the film Dolomite Is Name. With his onset in the writer Kenya Barris and the iconic director Craig Brewer. “To be a part of the continuation of this story and to work with the cast and crew on set was an honor,” shared the actor. 

Besides acting, Kevin T. DeWitt understands the business dynamics and importance of marketing and networking in the entertainment industry. “My overall mentality and hustle distinguish me. Besides bringing talent, I understand I have to train and commit as an athlete would to achieve my definition of success,” said Kevin. The actor does not stop exploring and venturing into new horizons, believing the learning knows no end. 

Beyond fortune and fame, Kevin T. DeWitt braved the entertainment industry, aiming to empower his fellow African-Americans by portraying their authentic stories. Without a doubt, The actor will continue to be the instrument of change that would inspire millions of viewers across the globe.

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