Keep Your Adventure Worry-Free with Luggage Storage in Nice

Telling you to rest and put your suitcases down is much easier said than done. And yet, we are about to tell you why you can do that without worrying.  

For those traveling, it’s important to note that all our partners must follow a specific set of criteria to officially work with us and ensure the safety and storage of a visitor’s luggage. 

 We believe in the importance of security. As a result, each left luggage service we provide has a room dedicated to luggage storage. This space is always locked and stored with a security seal and a unique number. In addition to these measures, the traveler’s identity is thoroughly checked both when dropping off their luggage and then later when they pick it up. If anything happens to your luggage – whether it be breakage, loss, or robbery – we’ve got you covered.  

Travel with flexibility

Traveling can be difficult, and we believe in making that a pleasurable experience where the small details don’t get in the way of your traveling experience. In this case, flexibility is key. The great thing about using our luggage storage network is that you can count on finding a flexible Nanny – especially in terms of hours and locations – that fits your plans.  

Whether you need to store your bags near a train station that you are passing through or any other major spots along the way, you’ll find a solution with luggage storage in Nice 

Clients can rest assured that time is not an issue: in using our service, you can store your items for up to 30 days, and the size of your items doesn’t matter to us. 

As opposed to many other luggage storage services, our locations don’t have size restrictions. Whether it’s a paddleboard, stroller, pair of skis, or any other differently sized item that you need to store, we’ve got the space! 

Destination in Nice: Go to the beach in Nice 

Despite the Nice beach looking attractive in photos, it’s not necessarily the most comfortable beach in the world with all the pebbles along its coast. In the case of its water, it gets very deep very quickly, and as a result, it presents its challenges in terms of swimming, and it isn’t necessarily an ideal spot for snorkeling. 

For this reason, we recommend visiting Villefranche sur Mer or Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.  

And if it’s a tan you are looking for, a great option is one of Nice’s many private beaches – where you can also do a series of nautical activities like parasailing, stand-up paddle, or tubing. One example is Castel beach (Castel Plage) which is located at the foot of Castle Hill. 

Don’t Make Yourself Tired 

And by storing your luggage, not only can you enjoy visiting and have ample time to engage in the many fun activities, but you won’t get tired carrying around a heap of heavy bags.

Destination in Nice: Promenade des Anglais

When talking about Nice, we’ve got to mention the famous Promenade des Anglais (English Promenade). Formerly a favorite resort for English people during winter months, it’s now one of the most famous tourist attractions – in part, because of its world-famous 7km promenade which runs from the Castle Hill (La colline du Château in French) to Nice airport. 

If you are a first-time visitor to Nice, consider walking, renting a bike, or rollerblades to view this promenade – especially along the area that takes you from the old town of Nice to the Negresco hotel through to the Jardin Albert 1er and the Palais de la Méditerranée. 

Keep Your Hands Free 

As travelers, you know that the best part of moving about is having the freedom to do and go wherever you want. To make that happen, it’s best to store your huge and clunky items because that is what will give you the true freedom you are looking for. When you have got zero bags to carry around, and you are sure that your belongings won’t be stolen, your worries lessen!

Destination in Nice: Old Town of Nice

Another must-see destination in Nice is its old town. In addition to its shady alleyways, Nice has plenty of colorful facades and Mediterranean shutters. When visiting Nice Old Town (le Vieux Nice), you might consider passing through the Cours Saleya where every morning (except on Monday) its famous open-air flea market and flower market open up for all to visit. This is yet another ideal place to have a drink or eat great food while enjoying one of the many terraces. 

When visiting the Old Town of Nice, check out Saint Francis Square (Place Saint François) and its small fish market and Courthouse Square (Place du Palais de Justice). 

Save Money 

One of the benefits of traveling light is that you also save money. Not only do you avoid taking cabs, but you can save by taking in the city on foot. 

By using our luggage storage service, you will also be able to budget better by knowing exactly what you’ll pay as you book. Additional bonus: you won’t even need to handle cash on the spot. The process is super simple: you book your luggage, drop it off at the destination, and pay online using the secure credit card payment system.

Destination in Nice: Nice Castle Hill

Some of the greatest viewpoints of Nice Castle Hill include Bellanda Tower and the Bay of Angels, at the top where you can see mountains and the airport, and with a view of the airport and mountains, as well as Belvedere near the exit of the elevator. 

You can either opt to walk up and down the castle using the elevator or on foot. Note that by taking the stairs, you will be able to pass by the Bellanda Tower lookout. And if you venture down the other side of the castle, you can take a walk through the castle cemetery, which also offers a beautiful view of the city and its sunset. 

Make the most of your trip to Nice, France by ensuring that you not only visit the ideal destinations, but you do so with your belongings safely stored.

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